Meghna Khanna On Not Conforming To Norms And Following Your Passion

Meghna Khanna On Not Conforming To Norms And Following Your Passion

Welcome to our section, FSChangemakers, where we bring you stories and conversations of inspirational women. These women have changed lives and given back to the community in their own way. Every day, they stand up and push through challenges to imagine and create a better future. Today, Meghna Khanna, an entrepreneur, avid biker and a mom of two shares her story.

Featured in the Limca Book of Records for being part of the first-ever Himalayan Odyssey to Khardung-la, Meghna was all set to drive a Bajaj 150. Inspired by her father, a fighter pilot, she wanted to take a flight and make a life on her own terms.

This multi-talented woman went on from a corporate job to quitting it to travel around India. She then moved to a city she had never lived in to figure out what she’d want to do with her life. Meghna talks to us about her passion for biking, living a biker life with two kids, her little baby, Levitate, and a lot more.

Timeline Of The Video

0:00 – Introduction

0:59 – Beginning of love for Biking

“My dad was a fighter pilot. So, in my head, it all started then. While growing up, we watched Top Gun and instead of being in love with Tom Cruise, I thought I was Tom Cruise.”

4:37 – Asking questions out of rebelliousness

“I was too much for her to handle. And then I came to a point where I felt I was too much and it has to be corrected. And if my mother didn’t say it, somebody would say it, it would stick to you and it would take years to shed it.”

8:22 – Making biking a part of the lifestyle

12:48 – Managing to continue with kids

18:07 – Journey of Levitate

24:18 – Current project you are working on

“We as a generation have more things than any generation before us. So, we really don’t need anything. It’s about styling and grooming and this is what I want to do now.”

28:14 – Dealing with transition phase of careers

30:00 – Rapid Fire

30:28 – 3 Indian women you look up to

31:06 – 3 wardrobe staples

32:42 – Favourite women-owned enterprises

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