“Never self doubt yourself and never show up unprepared.” — Malika Datt Sadani, Founder of The Moms Co.

“Never self doubt yourself and never show up unprepared.” — Malika Datt Sadani, Founder of The Moms Co.

Welcome to our section where we bring you stories and conversations with inspirational women. These women have changed lives and given back to the community in their own way. Today, Malika Datt Sadani, Founder – CEO – The Moms Co. shares her story.

All mothers want to provide safe and natural products for their kids and themselves. Malika Datt Sadani, Founder – CEO – The Moms Co. wanted to put this struggle to an end and build up a brand that gave a solution to this struggle of finding the right products.

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Malika talks about how the brand has now transitioned itself and has a bigger target audience and gaining the trust of the users. Her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship is moving parallelly and she has her own way of making time for both. The conversation is a complete insight into the beginning of her journey and how she has managed to make her brand a household name.

Timeline Of The Video

0:00 – Introduction

0:36 – Motivation behind The Moms Co

1:35 – Startup journey so far

2:26 – Initial years of start-up

“…At that point of time, I got really cool advice from one of our mentors, who said, ‘When you are starting to do this, you should set boundaries for yourself; 2-3 things that you lay down in the beginning. And if these things get impacted in your life, that is when you go back to your regular job and close this.’ Luckily, we didn’t reach that stage but we had all those milestones saying that when the bank balance goes down to this, that is when we will look for alternative options.”

4:40 – Impact of business on motherhood

6:14 – Expanding the target audience

7:51 – Creating a D2C brand

9:35 – Integrating work and family

“…So I have learned this over a period of time. I went through a phase of mom guilt, initially. I tried to balance out both but very quickly realized it’s very hard to have a balance. So, what we have done is that we have forgotten about having a work-life balance and changed that word from balance to integration.”

11:33 – A moment that defines her

“…I remember my father saying that I was being overconfident, but I was sure that I had it all sorted and was going to get it. And, during the debate, I forgot my script and I came third out of four people. This was my second lesson — Never show up unprepared.”

13:52 – Three Indian women she looks up to

14:58 – Five wardrobe staples

15:52 – A message to women

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