Rewriting the Rules for Back-To-Work

Rewriting the Rules for Back-To-Work

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Working from home for the last couple of years has reshaped most people’s perspective on what a 9 to 5 work-life looks like. There are many things that we miss about being in office and now that we are going back to work, we are looking forward to them. Sharing laughs and gossip with colleagues during lunch breaks and going for impromptu after-work parties are some experiences that you just don’t get do when you’re working from home.

However, it doesn’t mean that work from home comes without its own share of perks. Sleeping in those extra few minutes because who’s commuting? Or working from a quaint hillside, above all, the luxury of attending meetings in our pyjamas is absolutely unparalleled! We have indulged in all of it more often than we would like to admit. There are definitely certain lifestyle changes we all got used to, and which we hope are here to stay.

In the spirit of rewriting the rules, here are some things we hope never make a comeback to the office!

Uncomfortable Clothing

Far too long have people (especially women) felt the need to dress and look a certain way to accommodate arbitrary expectations, even if they feel uncomfortable. The pain of wearing heels on a daily basis or non-stretchable pants is very much real and we need freedom!

New Rule: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy!

Unnecessary Meetings

If there is one thing we’ve learnt from the past two years, it is that humans can adapt their tasks to any situation. The need for scheduling an in-person meeting to discuss every inane point is a thing of the past! Meetings which can be Zoom calls and Zoom calls which can be emails – it’s time to simplify our work lives.

New Rule: Keep it sweet, short and simple, mate!

Coming to Office when Sick

It goes without saying that as far as COVID is concerned, everyone is happier when the infected person is given leave. But health goes beyond COVID-19 and no one wants to sit next to someone who has “a minor cold” or “a slight infection”. If you’re sick, either mask up or work from home, preferably, do the latter one!

New Rule: Prioritise your health and your co-workers’ health for a safer workplace!

No Work-Life Balance

So much to do and such little time? We feel the same! With remote working, people everywhere have found their own personalised routine which suits all their needs, whether professional or personal. It’s time for workplaces to get with the times and include some flexibility in their back-to-office schedules so that employees can get the best of both worlds.

New Rule: Balance comes first!

No Employee Well-Being

The pandemic has led to a vast paradigm shift in what it means to invest in employee well-being and why it is important. Having the time and space to take a small break from work and meditate or play a game helps us relax and get back to work with renewed energy. Moreover, investing in upskilling the workforce leads to better returns for everyone involved! We sincerely hope that more companies commit to a better environment and future for their employees.

New Rule: Invest in your employees, and they will not disappoint!

Hopefully, these points will become widespread and normalised in the coming times. Share this article with someone who will relate to these everyday problems!