FS Fit Technology

At FableStreet, our standard sizes fit 40% better than market sizes, for same body measurements. In addition, our proprietary Tailored Fit algorithm gives a good fit, with just 3 body measurements. So try us, to know what a good fit feels like.

At FableStreet, we fully understand Indian body shapes and sizes.

We have measured more than 200 women to identify commonalities and uniqueness of shapes and sizes among Indian women. We also understand the differences of our body shapes with US/European counterparts. Our research indicated that all work-wear brands in India, including Indian brands, are using European size charts for Indian bodies, despite significant differences. Indian women are shorter and curvier than our western counterparts. Our insights, in the hindsight, were obvious and surprisingly unaddressed.

So we decided to re-build sizes, for our bodies, shapes and height. As simple as it may sound, these unique characteristics of our bodies (e.g., shorter height, more rounded at chest /tummy/ hips ), completely change the measurements, garment construction and styles that work for us. That’s probably why the solution to fit is not so simple. Our design and analytics team worked seamlessly to make new standard sizes, which fit significantly better than the market.

Even more so, we created an algorithm to give you a well fit garment using 3 body measurements. Our proprietary Tailored Fit algorithm gets smarter everyday, with more and more women using it. With the help of 3 measurements along with your height, our algorithm extrapolates the remaining to significant accuracy, to help us get a great fit, at the convenience of your home.

So try tailored fits at FableStreet to experience what good fit @convenience of your doorstep means.

You can also reach us at
care@fablestreet.com or call us at 011 43078400

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