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Isn’t It hard waking up and having to decide what to wear to office in the morning? Isn’t it worse when you don’t know where to get good Work Wear in India? FableStreet provides you with an online platform where you can shop for Premium office wear for women. You can find a large selection of formal wear including ladies shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts and more. All our garments are crafted with functional details and intelligent designs to give you a rich buying and wearing experience at reasonable price points. We aim to curate elegant yet modern pieces that will last you a lifetime. You can find women’s formal tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses and much more to shop online. You can even find a selection of chic culottes online. We also offer a variety of luxury leather belts.

Types of tops available online on FableStreet

Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully curated to provide our customers with the ideal blend of timeless designs and comfort. We offer tops online for women and those that suit all body shapes and sizes. You can find cotton and linen tops for the summer season that are extremely breathable, silk tops and other dressy tops for the festive season and that can be worn on a night out, formal and semi-formal work wear tops and tops for practically any occasion, all made with the most luxurious fabrics.

Why FableStreet?

At FableStreet, we offer formal wear for ladies that can be worn from morning to evening, completely hassle free. Our designs are made to make you feel comfortable throughout your day. From non-sheer/no gape shirts and tops, adjustable length trousers, knee length dresses and formal skirts with real pockets, we have thought of ways where your garment is not only beautifully designed but practical too. Additionally, we use the finest quality fabrics to enhance your comfort through the day. We also provide our customers with the option of getting the clothes tailored to their body measurements. All you are required to do is select the “Tailored” option while placing your order and provide us with 3 body measurements. Our design team has done extensive research on around 1000+ Indian bodies and have managed to identify the key features that define the Indian silhouette.

Our research indicated that all work-wear brands in India, including Indian brands, are using European size charts for Indian bodies, despite significant differences. Indian women are shorter and curvier than our western counterparts. With our unique sizing algorithm, you can find garments to fit you perfectly regardless of your body shape. Even our standard sizes work better than what’s available in the market for the average Indian women’s body.

Buy dresses, shirts, trousers and much more.

Fablestreet is made for modern professional women, who work and support their families as well as follow their heart to fulfil their passions and dreams. We at FableStreet are inspired by these women, and strive to make them feel confident, beautiful and happy about themselves. We believe every woman is unique and we celebrate them! We know you express yourselves through what you wear and so, are here to help them curate a comfortable work wear wardrobe with effortless ease and comfort. FableStreet was born to make buying clothes online fun, the process shouldn’t be tiresome, it should be a great experience. We are here to deliver Timeless styles, with premium fabrics, made to order for your body measurements delivered to your doorstep in just 10-12 days after you place your order.

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