Drop Shoulder Front Tie Top - Maroon

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This is our newest silhouette introduced - a drop shoulder top. It brings together a beautiful balance of maroon and flame red which adds character to it. It has a front tie detail and works particularly well for casual days at work, owing to its relaxed fit.
The hem of the top is intended to fall according to the image on a height of 5'3"" to 5'5"".
Colour may vary slightly according to screen settings and resolution.
  • SKU: TP137MRON
  • Material: antiwrinkle stretch polyester
  • Delivery: Ships in 1-5 Days

Fabric & Care

The fabric used is 100% polyester blended with Lycra which provides extra stretch. It is comfortable and mildly breathable.
Polyester can be safely dry-cleaned or machine-washed.
Turn polyester garments inside out before washing to prevent snags.Machine-wash polyester in warm water, using an all-purpose detergent. Fabric softener will reduce static electricity. Tumble-dry at a low temperature setting. Do not overly dry polyester; this will cause gradual shrinkage.
Iron polyester fabrics at a moderate temperature setting, or use steam.




Easy Care


Extra Stretch


Ideal For Travel

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