7 Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewellery Is An Investment

7 Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewellery Is An Investment

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When women shop for jewellery, they are always looking for something unique. Something beautiful and personal that speaks to them while also making them look great. Accessories are an important feature in our style and help elevate our outfits. It comes as no surprise then, that a majority are preferring handcrafted jewellery over mass-produced jewellery. The personal attention and love that designers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the products that they create. However, most of us do not comprehend the reason why handcrafted jewellery is more of an investment than its mass-produced counterparts. So, we thought of sharing 7 such amazing reasons with you.

No Mass-Production Machinery Involved

“Handcrafted jewellery” literally means crafted by the “hands” of an artisan or craftsman. Pieces such as the Abstract Granulation Adjustable Cuff – Yellow Gold Colour are manufactured without the utilisation of mass-produced manufacturing machinery. While a machine can churn out hundreds of units per hour, an individual artisan or craftsman can only make a limited quantity of pieces in the same amount of time. This gives them a unique quality and makes them one of a kind.

The Value of Time

As we previously mentioned, there are minimal machines involved in the making of handmade jewellery. Which means it takes an incredible amount of time to produce just a single piece of jewellery such as this Granulated & Enamel Adjustable Ring – Yellow Gold & Ombré Rose Pink Colour. But on a contrasting note, that also makes it timeless and something which you can cherish for a long time. More on that below.

The Manufacturing Process

The designers and artisans who create such jewellery have a very intimate relationship with each piece or design that they make. The design process is integral to the value of each unique piece. So, every time you hold a handmade necklace or bracelet such as this Handcrafted Fretwork Petal & Pearl Flexible Bracelet – Yellow Gold Colour, you will know that it is a labour of love and patience.

Premium Quality

Handcrafted jewellery is usually an outcome of a creative journey that a designer takes, hence it is usually produced on a small, limited scale. This almost always ensures a higher quality and product finish because the ability to track and control the process from start to finish is inherent in the manufacturing process. One fine example is this Enamel & Granulated Pearl Cuff – Yellow Gold & Ombré Blue Colour.

Exclusive Designs

Handmade jewellery showcases uniqueness and attention to detail that machine-made jewellery lacks. Since it is handcrafted, it is also of superior quality than machine-made pieces. Also, no two pieces are alike and each product, even of the same design, can vary ever so slightly in shape, size and can carry small imperfections. In that, each piece of handcrafted jewellery like the Handcrafted Fretwork Petal & Pearl Necklace – Rose Gold Colour is truly unique and one of a kind, thus making them timeless and long-lasting.


Considering handcrafted jewellery is produced in smaller quantities, resources are used conservatively ensuring that there is no waste. These are eco-friendly and meticulously crafted with a lot of thought given to the design, materials used, etc. at every process. Case in point: The Granulated & Enamel Pearl Earrings – Yellow Gold & Ombré Teal Colour shown here.

Supporting Local Livelihoods

As handcrafted jewellery is often produced at a limited scale, it is usually sourced and manufactured locally and provides for the livelihoods of local artisans and craftspeople. So, you buying handmade jewellery stabilises their income, reduces waste, supports not just the workers but their families too and helps creates more jobs within the country. A fine example are the Handcrafted Fretwork Petal & Pearl Studs – Rose Gold Colour shown here.

So, the next time you are buying handcrafted jewellery, know that you are supporting something bigger than the product itself.

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