Beautiful, Chic & Joyful: Introducing Mikoto, a Jewellery Brand By FableStreet

Beautiful, Chic & Joyful: Introducing Mikoto, a Jewellery Brand By FableStreet

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We can all agree that no outfit is complete without the right jewellery. Even a small earring has the power to add another layer of elegance to your outfit. When we started FableStreet, our aim was to cater to a working woman’s lifestyle needs. After creating workwear, in 2019, we decided to add jewellery to our collection that would pair well with our clothes.

On this journey, we engaged with our customers and realised two things: one, women across ages love to wear jewellery for various occasions, and two, there is a lack of awareness on how to pick and accessorize it well. While the pieces were minimalist and classic, we realised that we also need to create something that was not limited to formal jewellery and had more variety. Plus, our team was very excited to create new, out-of-the-box designs. 

Using the same philosophy, FableStreet created a jewellery brand. Yes, that’s right! We are happy to introduce, Mikoto – Your Beautiful Being. Made with love, joy and quality craftsmanship, Mikoto is where elegance and attitude meet. 

Mikoto’s Ikigai

When we sat down to create Mikoto, the woman that came to life was one who rejoices in her femininity. She is warm and happy, fun and friendly, bold and chic. She knows her own style, yet loves to play with fashion to make her own. 

Jewellery is an emotion that every woman understands. Every piece is art in itself made to bring joy to the customer’s life. Mikoto captures that very joy and art in every single collection. The idea is to evoke every beautiful and happy emotion possible when you put on your jewellery.

We created Mikoto not just as a business but as a space that makes accessorizing an effortless experience for you. From learning how to pick your jewellery for any occasion to understand how to style it in a way it compliments your attire, to being aware of the type that can flatter your body structure and shape the best, we designed a platform that has it all.

Mikoto is a jewellery brand that fills your every day with beauty and joy. Made for the woman of today, it offers jewellery of quality design and craftsmanship at affordable prices. Our designs are versatile and made to fit into every occasion. 

Be it for your first date or for a brunch with your girlfriends, Mikoto will add that extra spark to your outfit. That’s not all, Mikoto jewellery makes for an amazing present as well. While it would be a great gift to give yourself for achieving a personal milestone, it could also be the one you give to your mom from your first salary. 

Mikoto’s Product Philosophy

Bold and chic: From the finishing of the metals to the colourful gemstones, all the elements we use give a modern and contemporary design and look to our jewellery. The design aesthetics are such that it makes a statement.

Ergonomic in design: We put a lot of thought into how we can optimise the ease and comfort of wearing our pieces. Our rings have a wire so that its size is adjustable, our earrings have a post so it doesn’t hurt when you take a phone call and more thoughtful features.

Quality with affordability: The price of each piece is synonymous with its quality. We maintain quality standards across each stage of production, and each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Whether you are someone who changes your jewellery with every mood and every occasion, or someone who likes to wear one signature piece, we created jewellery for every aesthetic. Let us tell you, once you shop Mikoto, you are bound to fall in love with the designs and the joy it brings to your life.