Breaking the Big Bias that Surrounds Women’s Day

Breaking the Big Bias that Surrounds Women’s Day

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We won’t wish you a Happy Women’s Day.
We won’t offer you discounts basis your gender.
We won’t suggest special Women’s Day looks for you.
We won’t be seen at panels and discussions talking about Women’s Day.
We won’t have a ‘light day’ at work for women.
We won’t even celebrate it, or even congratulate each other.

You read that right, but don’t get us wrong.

The only reason why we’re even here on this day is to spark an important conversation with you.

And take a stand.

Every 8th of March since its inception, International Women’s Day has been earmarked to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about women’s equality.

But why just one day?

With all the best intentions, acknowledging fully well that there is a long road ahead for absolute gender parity and women DO need to be empowered, shouldn’t the narrative change with time?

Days like these are crucial for representation and awareness, but of late it is being leveraged to sell or promote an entity, almost like a wave of misguided feminism surrounds this day, distracting from its true purpose.
From “special deals for women” by businesses to announcing “women-centric initiatives” by HR departments, it seems like pseudo-wokeness is more prevalent than ever.

As a womenswear brand, we have always been about celebrating women achievers and having conversations that inspire and empower – but not sell on their pretext. Never.

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is ‘Break the Bias’ and we want to take this moment to try and break the bias surrounding this day itself.

What we will always work towards is our goal – uniting all genders & sexes in the conversation for their complete political, economic, personal, and social equality.

We envision a world where there would be no need for a day to celebrate a gender or community – so we begin by making every day, everyone’s day.
Agree? Disagree? Have your own thoughts? Head out to our Instagram post and let’s talk about this some more. We’d love to hear from you.