The FableStreet Philosophy: Where Fit, Quality and Comfort Come Together

The FableStreet Philosophy: Where Fit, Quality and Comfort Come Together

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Why We Do What We Do

The journey of FableStreet began not because someone out there wanted to make great work-wear for women. It was more than just that. Ex-McKinsey & Company and IIM alumna Ayushi Gudwani was only too aware of the challenges that working women faced, when it came to office wear. Back in 2016, women’s work-wear meant a feminised version of menswear consisting of a dreary colour palette of blacks and greys and ill-fitting suits, shirts and pants.

But at FableStreet, we have always understood working women, what matters to them and what they need from their clothes. We believe that every woman is different with her own unique set of beliefs and we celebrate the same through timeless styles in luxury fabrics and functional details, tailor-fitted to her body measurements. We believe that fit, quality and comfort can co-exist and that a great garment speaks for itself. Read on for more on the FableStreet philosophy where fit, quality and comfort come together to give you timeless, high-quality, premium work-wear.

Great Fit & Quality

We understand Indian body shapes and sizes. Which is why our proprietary Tailored Fit algorithm gives you a great fit using just 3 of your body measurements – chest, waist and hip along with height – at no extra cost! We take immense pride in our designs which have been crafted thoughtfully after months of research. We do not offer the standard, run-of-the-mill sizes but styles that are made to measure YOUR body measurements. We are also one of the few Indian brands to offer Custom Fit options in clothing. Want to add sleeves to a top or add length to a dress? Opt for our Custom Fit options for a stylish, worry-free day.

Comfort & Minimalism

Who says you cannot be both comfortable and stylish? Our deep 
understanding of your professional needs has helped us create functional, AM to PM styles that marry versatile clothing with intelligent details. For example, FableStreet shirts come with anti-gape buttons that do not cause you any trouble. Our dresses have real pockets and aren’t too sheer to wear to the office. Our pants (fan favourites) have extra-stretch with adjustable waist and length options for you to take advantage of. Our guarantee: Styles that work seamlessly from day to night.

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