2022 Must-Haves: Staples To Complete Your Wardrobe

2022 Must-Haves: Staples To Complete Your Wardrobe

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Now that the party season is long gone, it’s time to go back to basics – The ones that always rule your wardrobe, no matter what! And after going through the last two years, one thing that we can be sure of is the best-laid plans can go down the drain and so do the trends. However, there’s one thing that stays – THE BASICS.

With the cancelled travel diaries, ever-shifting office routine, and other postponed plans, our clothing has become all about sticking to our comfort zone. And our comfort begins when we stop thinking about “What to wear the next day”. This question is thrown out of the window when your wardrobe has a collection of versatile, everlasting and comfortable 2022 Must-Haves.

Here’s a list of 7 essentials that will complete your wardrobe and will last you a lifetime.

Button-Down Shirt

Your wardrobe staples should begin with a clean slate and a white crisp shirt is what kick starts the whole collection. Any important work meeting, a classic look for a day, or even a day out with friends, there’s no piece of clothing that makes a better statement than a white shirt.

Styling Tip: Switch the pants with a skirt, shorts or skorts, you will be ready for work in no time.

Essential Knits

No matter where you live, a quality knit can elevate your look for the chilly days. Add one to your wardrobe and your winter looks are sorted. We have been obsessed with this black knit that fulfils all our purposes. From a casual brunch to a client meeting, we have our basic knit handy.

Styling tip: Pair it up with pants or style it over a dress. For extreme chilly days, layer a jacket or overcoat over it to keep yourself warm.

Black Pants

No matter what coloured top you wear, a black pair of pants completes all the looks. With work shifting back to homes, these stretchable pair of pants will be your saviour and make you look sharp and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Styling Tip: This versatile piece of clothing can be styled with each top you have in your wardrobe.

Timeless Skirt

Looking for a sharp look for a weekday or just headed out to meet your ladies? A wrap skirt in plaid will be perfect for you. This staple needs no special addition and can be paired up with the basic black tee you have with you. This dress is what we call a win-win.

Styling Tip: This versatile piece is versatile enough to be casual, work-friendly and wherever you are planning to go.

Little Black Dress

No wardrobe is complete without a little black dress. You must have heard it numerous times and that’s because it’s a fact. Add a little black dress to your staple collection and you will have multiple looks to pull off. With different accessories, you can style it up or down, depending on the event you have to attend.

Styling Tip: Based on your body type figure out the silhouette that suits you and add a black dress in that silhouette.


If you are somewhere in the north and don’t know how to look crisp without layering up then you know a warm overcoat is a need. No matter what look you want to carry, you can pull it off effortlessly with an overcoat in your wardrobe.

Styling Tip: A dress, a formal suit, a top with trousers, or a top with a skirt, this versatile piece can be layered over anything and everything.

For a formal day or a day you want to dress up like success, this blazer will be your go-to. We underestimate the versatility of this phenomenal staple. Even after years, a blazer is always in trend and we save it for the days we want to feel confident on.

Styling tip: Layer it up on a basic tee and a shirt. Yes, that’s all. That’s how effortless this wardrobe essential is.

For other effortless essentials, we have curated a collection for you to get all the must-haves you would need in 2022 and for many years ahead. Explore the whole collection on our website and follow us on Instagram @fable.street