4 Different Silhouettes Of LivIn Pants You Can’t Live Without

4 Different Silhouettes Of LivIn Pants You Can’t Live Without

With the amazing USPs of LivIn 2.0, we are sure you are planning to buy a pair of pants for yourself. After all, we all need to have pants that take us from handful to hands-free. Another part that makes us fall (deeper) in love with these pants is the silhouettes. This edit of LivIn comes with four silhouettes of pants.

Don’t we all want to look professional but feel the comfort of lounge pants throughout the day? Well, we know you can’t talk to us while reading this blog but we know what your heart wants (also, your body). The basic structure of pants has evolved over a couple of years. Along with our schedule, we look for flexibility in our pants and not restrictions in our movement.

So, to make your life easy and a lot more flexible, LivIn 2.0 pants come in silhouettes you will love.

High Waist Tummy Tuck LivIn Pants

We want a future free of low waist pants because our bodies are in love with high waist trousers. This brand new addition of pants fit all body shapes and sizes and slides on your body like butter. Hugs you at your belly and is skinny through the knee and leg, this high waist tummy tuck is our go-to for any occasion throughout the day. You’ll be comfortable in your own skin and in these pants, even if you are headed out to work. Do you need any other reason to fall in love with these pants?

It tucks your tummy and makes you feel less disheartened about missing your workout session. Once you are in them, you wouldn’t want to leave them. Didn’t we all want that? So, head out to a brunch or a meeting over lunch in these pants and you’d still be comfortable with a sharp look.

You can choose this silhouette in plain, in various colours.

Plain – Black and Maroon

Bootcut LivIn Pants

Going from bedroom to boardroom? These bootcut pants will be your saviour. With a fit of formal pants and the comfort of lounge pants, these pants are THE PANTS! For your love for multitasking and comfort, get bootcut pants. It hugs your hips and thighs, it is skinny till the knees, and the bootcut flare ends at the ankle.

Pants that give you the flare and feel of a go-getter are meant to be in your life. Style it with a tee for the casual look, or pair it up with a shirt to get the crisp formal look.

You can choose this silhouette in striped and plain, in various colours.

Striped – Black, Maroon, and Sap Green

Plain – Black

Wide Leg LivIn Pants

Would you want to dress up and go out for a cup of coffee and feel like you are dressed in pyjamas? Then these wide-legged pants are your pick. With the huge transition in our lifestyle, we don’t want our loungewear to be limited to our couch. We want to be at the desk in that outfit too, isn’t it?

The chic appearance of these pants is just a facade for the outer eye. They basically feel like your sweatpants but look like your wide-leg trousers. Sounds like your dream pants? Get them and take them to any event of your life, no matter if it’s a sleepover with friends or a meeting with a potential client.

You can choose this silhouette in striped and plain, in various colours.

Striped – Black, Navy Blue

Plain – Maroon

Straight Crop LivIn Pants

Have you been looking for that one pair of pants which you can wear anywhere and everywhere? These straight crop pants are the answer to your dilemma. Fitted through the hip, waist, and thigh, these pants have a relaxed fit through the knee and leg. Let’s accept the fact that we may need to get into formal attire for some professional setups. But we refuse to wear pants that restrict our movement and don’t let us breathe. That’s the major reason for us to come up with revolution because we want to be at ease even when we are in a boardroom leading a meeting.

These pants might sound and look casual to you but the powerful look these pants give is outstanding and we are obsessed with how it makes us feel too.

You can choose this silhouette in striped and plain, in various colours.

Striped – Maroon, Navy, Sap Green

It’s time you stop compromising your comfort for the sake of style because we just blended the two. These pants will be your go-to pants for all occasions, no matter what. Similar to the first edition of LivIn, these pants will be ‘Your New Everything’, will carry all your essentials, and will make you live life freely, not just with a better fit but also with more usable pockets.