5 Christmas Looks Inspired By Colours Of The Merry Season

5 Christmas Looks Inspired By Colours Of The Merry Season

Finding a Christmas outfit can be tricky because this day of celebration is different for everyone. Irrespective of that, the best time of the year deserves an over the top outfit even if you are planning to just unwrap gifts from your loved ones. We all know that red, green and white are traditional colours to signify this merry time of the year! But did you know there are five colours to celebrate the spirit of warmth? It was news to us as well and hence, we thought of giving you outfit ideas that have all these five colours.

While the whole world is lit up with lights, it’s time for you to get a statement outfit for yourself. And we are here with 5 outfits in 5 colours of Christmas for people who like to celebrate this festival in their own way!

Dancing Through The Snow

Who doesn’t want to dance to Christmas songs? It’s time we get into the spirit of Christmas by tapping our feet to music in the most gorgeous colour – golden! With a playful sequin wrap dress, make a dazzling appearance at your Christmas party and dance your heart out in the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is a chance to depart from your typical taste and embrace everything over the top – this dress is exactly that! Are you ready to blow everyone away?

With Shining Smiles, We Play

Most of us are working through the year and this holiday season is the only time we can bring out the inner child. We play around with our nieces and nephews and try to be the best aunts! So, if you are all about bringing the playful side of you along with the kids, make sure you wear that is comfortable and lets you be in your element. This velvet emerald green dress is perfect for those times!

It’s time to live in the happy times, look elegant, and make way for gifts from secret Santa. What are you waiting for? It’s Christmas time!

Over A Cuppa Joy

Are you one of those who loves to be comfortable and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on Christmas night? Well, we have an outfit for you that is comfortable and still makes you look like you’re ready to sweep someone off their feet. And guess which is the perfect colour for the snow season? No points for guessing that white is the colour of winter and we couldn’t have missed that colour in this list.

If you’re likely to stay in your pyjamas until past noon, make sure it’s a chic pair for the night, even if it is to sip your favourite hot chocolate!

Getting Cosy All The Way

Being cosy is a real mood and we all know how Christmas should be spent in a blanket. But what if you want to be dressed and not be in a blanket? Well, velvet is one fabric that wraps around and makes you feel the softness of a blanket. And how can you celebrate Christmas without a shade of red? This magenta shade of velvet top is a perfect way to wear red and not look like Santa!

So, instead of wrapping yourself to read a book, wear this velvet top to make your Christmas look a little chic.

Baubles On The Tree, Making Spirits Bright

No Christmas is complete without a perfectly decorated Christmas tree and some of us are not done with the decoration even when it’s actually Christmas! So, for these beautiful souls who are just focused on how their Christmas tree looks, we have a lilac dress that makes you look as perfect as your home! We know, you might be thinking how is purple (lilac) a shade of Christmas. But if you think of it, your Christmas tree is covered with decoration that is red, green, golden, and PURPLE!

So, twirl around your perfectly decorated home in this pretty purple dress!

Oh, what fun it is to have a Merry Christmas time!

So, if you have decided on the outfit for your Christmas this year, it’s time you flaunt it and enjoy the merry time. Team FableStreet wishes you a Merry Christmas and hopes you have the happiest time of the year in this holiday season!

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