5 Female Characters Whose Style Are #ReadytoRun For Office

5 Female Characters Whose Style Are #ReadytoRun For Office

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Since the news dropped in March 2020, we have all been living the life known as “work from home”. We all went from rushing to work to waking up 5 mins before the meeting in the blink of an eye and now even the thought of going back into the office seems unfathomable.

But, the pandemic is on its way out (fingers crossed) and companies have started sending out “save the dates” for offices reopening, this means that our closet needs serious updates. No more sweatpants and oversized t-shirts, it is time to head back to the world of well-fitted clothes and proper footwear.

If you are feeling a little uninspired when it comes to work-friendly fashion, then it is time to channel all those female characters your spent time watching on your laptop and take some inspiration from their style.

Here are a few strong female characters whose style is just as powerful as them!

Jacquline Carlyle – The Bold type

I think every person who has watched that show fell in love with Jacquline and her style almost immediately. Be it her bold, printed dresses or subtle yet powerful suits, her style is truly versatile. This is why there is something in store for you no matter what your aesthetic.

Jessica Pearson – Suits

Whether she is making power moves or taking down criminals, Jessica Pearson is one of the strongest female characters in the last decade. And her style perfectly complimented her boss-woman attitude. If you love wearing suits and skirts, then she is the one for you.

Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

Saving lives might be her job description but that doesn’t mean that she lives in scrubs. Elegant, understated and comfortable, Meredith Grey is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to add a piece of the work from home comfort to their office look.

Annalise Keating – How To Get Away With Murder

Winning arguments in the courtroom or teaching a call on “How To Get Away With Murder”, Annalise will become your style icon if you look wearing well-fitting, formal clothes with a hit of boldness to them. From Shift dresses to pantsuits, she will inspire you to buy and style it all.

Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

Be it covering stories on the street, sitting in a news studio or hanging out with the gang, Robin Scherbatsky always had the most effortless style. So, take a page out of her wardrobe and add some versatile prints to your office looks.

From formal skirts to a cotton shirt and trousers, we are sure that there is a character out there who matches your aesthetic. In the meantime, FableStreet is making sure that you find a summer back-to-work style that #FitsLikeNothingElse.