Colours For Valentine’s Day 2022

Colours For Valentine’s Day 2022

We know how cliched it might sound but there’s a reason why we dedicate a day to our loved ones. There’s a day for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and one day that is meant to be about our loved ones, we call it an old chestnut.

And who said it’s a day to celebrate ‘just’ your significant other? Why not just celebrate it with and for the one you love dearly – a family member, mates, or even yourself! So, now that we have tried to convince you to celebrate this day, we want you to be dressed in the spirit of love and follow the colour code.

A code that belongs to every woman as colours have the power to make you feel beautiful, inside out! Don’t tell us you didn’t know there was a colour code! If that’s the case, we will take you through the colours that will be perfect to celebrate the season of love with The Red Affair. Also, scroll down to know what we have planned for this Valentine week!


The association of the colour red with Valentine’s Day is so old that we have now taken it for granted without knowing its true essence. Some of us just relate red to the colour of the heart and that’s why it’s the colour of Valentine’s Day – The sad reality of ignorance.

Anyone who has been in touch with colour theory can tell you that red colour is associated with heightened emotions. Anger, passion, love, aggression, passion – all these emotions have the same frequency of emotion and are associated with red. Hence, the colour of Valentine’s Day. It makes you feel confident and that’s how you should be feeling.


It’s a matter of heart and what is a heart without a touch of innocence? Adding white to this beautiful day is not just because it is associated with purity and innocence. The association here comes from the story of Aphrodite and Adonis. Aphrodite was running to Adonis and she cut her foot on the stem of a white rose. That rose was then stained red with blood.

Did you know you wear white on Valentine’s Day to tell the world that you’re taken? Well, with that logic, all the single ladies should stay away from white and pick the colour that makes you look straight up stunning. The colour that radiates your aura needs to be on you on a day you celebrate the emotion ‘love’.


Along with red and white, pink is another colour that’s always there in accents on Valentine’s Day. Pink is a shade that comes to life when you blend the reds and whites. So, when passion and innocence come together, it’s nothing but a form of innocent love.

And if we come to think of it, we don’t know any woman who doesn’t look beautiful in a shade of pink. Hence, if you plan to get something this Valentine’s Day or are thinking of gifting something to your girlfriends, something pink would definitely brighten up her day.


So, do you remember the point where we mentioned that single women should wear anything that makes them look stunning? Well, this is the colour for you, my ladies! Anything black will make you look beyond gorgeous.

Yes, we know this colour is not associated with Valentine’s Day but this colour is all about looking drop-dead gorgeous and we leave no chance to make you look like one. So, pick black for this year and probably you will be able to share this beautiful day with someone next year!

And for the surprise…

We are dedicating the next week to #MakeHeartsHappy with our celebrations – A celebration of emotions that define love. Head to our Instagram @fable.street and get a chance to win whopping vouchers throughout the week.