FableStreet Jewellery And The Story Behind It

FableStreet Jewellery And The Story Behind It

Jewellery is something that instantly upgrades even the simplest of outfits. Whether it is a necklace or earrings, the act of putting them on gives your look a certain radiance and also uplifts your mood. It is not just a pretty piece of ornamentation but also personal and tells the world about who you are.

Today, Founder & CEO Ayushi Gudwani and Product Head (Jewellery) Latika Kapoor get together for a fun chat about how FS Jewellery came into being, why it is unique and how you can accessorise easily.

Ayushi: Hi Latika! Good to have you here today.
Latika: Thank you, Ayushi. I’m really excited to be here!

Ayushi: The last year has been so exciting for FableStreet! I just want to hear—what’s the vision behind the jewellery collections?
Latika: It was simple. To fill the gap in accessorising for work that exists for working women. It’s hard to find edgy yet minimal and delicate pieces for office and jewellery that transitions from daywear to occasion wear. So, we wanted to build such a range that also kept the FS ethos of “high-quality” in mind. 2019 was all about experimentation and to figure out what was working for our clients.

Ayushi: Tell us about the first launch
Latika: We had launched last year with 20 pieces. Honestly, we weren’t expecting great sales. Surprisingly, there were 3-4 styles which sold out in 2 days and we were going crazy figuring out the reordering process!

Ayushi: Yes! But it was fun and we knew it would work. So, how do styling and accessorising come together?
Latika: Jewellery uplifts your outfit. If I’m wearing this mustard dress to work, I’ll probably lose the necklace. But if I’m stepping out for a dinner, I’ll add the Handcrafted Fretwork Petal & Pearl Necklace which gives an edge to my entire look. Jewellery is also feel-good, it makes us happy. It also adds a personal style to your entire look.




Ayushi: I’m pretty excited! As you can see, I’m wearing the Abstract Granulation Long Necklace. One frequent question we get is about the metals used in our jewellery, and if it’s safe?
Latika: We use 3 metals—Stainless Steel, Brass and Alloy (also known as German Silver). These are nickel & lead-free. Unless a person is allergic to these metals, they’re safe to use. We also do gold plating to prevent corrosion as much as possible. Having said that, if you care for your jewellery, they’ll last you for years.

Ayushi: Thanks for clarifying! So, is that how the market is?
Latika: A high-quality piece has a certain price point. Ours are gold-plated styles where actual gold is used, which adds to the cost. 




Ayushi: People also ask about pearls and what are real pearls or shell pearls? 
Latika: There are 3 kinds—Freshwater, Cultured, Shell and Imitation pearls which look like pearls. Freshwater pearls form naturally in non-saline, water bodies. They’re expensive & difficult to farm. Cultured pearls are farmed, where an irritant is artificially inserted in an oyster. These are real but no cruelty-free. Shell pearls are made from the inner lining of oyster shells. We use shell and freshwater pearls.

Ayushi: So, which ones would you recommend?
Latika: These are all real pearls and can be worn depending on your mood. Mother of Pearl is more durable. Shell pearls will have a higher resistance to humidity or perfumes compared to natural pearls.

Ayushi: Thank you for this information!! I’m sure our readers will appreciate it. Another thing: Why is handmade jewellery expensive and why are the pieces slightly different from each other?
Latika: Handcrafted jewellery is a long process. A) Time taken in manufacturing, labour cost and the thought behind making handmade jewellery is more than machine-made pieces which are done in assembly-line production. The designer and artisan’s time is also valuable. B) The finishing processes C) Hence, these pieces are unique. No two pieces will be the same. D) Supporting local livelihoods. E) Sustainability, there’s minimal wastage, these are made in small-scale factories and the sourcing is done per requirement.

These little imperfections make every piece unique. Even if 2 people buy the same piece, the pieces delivered to them will have slight differences and hence, uniqueness. You pay for this entire journey when you buy handmade jewellery.

Ayushi: So, it’s these details that make them special. These aren’t damaged.
Latika: No, absolutely not.

Ayushi: Last but not the least, what are your top recommendations for accessorising?
Latika: Invest in a minimal cuff, a statement cuff, rings, pearl strings in 3 cream, grey & mauve/pink to go with most outfits, a long necklace which you can layer or make shorter, matching earrings for necklaces or separately and hoops in neutral colours.

We hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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