Fashion Resolutions For 2022

Fashion Resolutions For 2022

How often have you heard a person say, “I have made my resolution for the new year.”? We are sure you must have come across a lot many resolutions in the last month, and after all these years, it is safe to say that it’s a ritual for December – a ritual that we fail to remember by the first week of January. Whether it involves getting fit, a higher paycheck, cutting off toxicity; whatever it is, you never end up following them but guess there are some resolutions you’d want to follow in 2022, no matter what!

How do we know that? Well, one thing we know is that every person wants to look ultra-modern, sophisticated, and elegant for work, no matter what year it is. So, we thought we’d give you a list of resolutions to take your fashion game a notch higher for 2022! Are you ready?

Wear What Makes You Happy

We have been following trends, words of designers, and whatnot! But have you thought about which clothes make you feel happy? While all of the fashion capitals are giving you the latest trends, it’s time you prioritise your happiness and not follow fast fashion. Trends change on a daily basis but your happiness can’t depend on a temporary fashion craze.

Hence, this year, pick silhouettes that make you feel confident, colours that make your day bright, and fabrics that make your body feel buttery soft.

Experiment With One Bold Colour

We live our lives in a safe boundary; whether we talk about our career choices or our fashion statements. We tend to pick clothes that make us feel subtle and chic. However, have you ever considered adding one bold colour to your wardrobe? Too scared? Well, so were we, but adding a pop of colour to your look can’t be that bad, right? When we launched our collection, Bold Type, we were going all out with colours, and we knew one thing – every woman wants to feel gorgeous and colours have that power to make you feel ecstatic.

As soon as we embrace a colour, our day looks brighter! So, make sure you wear one bold coloured outfit, at least once a month! If you can’t go all out, try to wear a bold coloured scarf with a neutral outfit and once you get hang of it, you have a whole colour palette to experiment with.

Make Comfort A Priority

If you haven’t done that already, make sure, this year you choose comfort over anything else. Everyday comfort is pivotal, and it all begins with our clothing. Yes, that crop top might look ravishing on you, but will you be comfortable wearing it all day long? If yes, there’s no stopping you!

Definition of comfort is different for everyone, and a piece of clothing might be comfortable for you and not for someone else, depending on the body type. So, pick what your body loves!

Elevate Your Basics

We can’t emphasise enough on this one. Our basics are everything to us, and that’s not because we love our comfort zone but because there’s nothing more stylish than basics. From our t-shirts to our LivIn pants, from our everyday blazers to casual dresses, everything makes us feel confident. If you elevate your essentials, you will never have to worry about, “what to wear”.

This resolution for 2022 might help you know what works for you in your workwear wardrobe. It’s no longer about getting the dress code right but more about how to dress for confidence and comfort with your basics.

Incorporate All Styles

You might be a person who loves to dress up formally every day for work, but why limit your wardrobe to just formal clothing? It’s time you add all the elements of style to your closet and pull of chic, formal, elegant AND casual every other day. And no, you don’t have to compromise on comfort while you experiment with your style. You can be comfortable in whatever you wear. Because that’s where FableStreet helps you! (wink, wink)

So, go ahead and make the next year all about making fashion statements like never before! This year, it’s going to be old you just with different styles up her sleeves.

Mix And Match

Have you been wearing printed tops with solid pants? Isn’t it too basic? We think it is, and as we step into the new year, we want you to go all out and make some new decisions. Wear print with print, pair your dresses with pants, mix one bold colour with another to try some colour blocking and all sorts of combinations! Nothing should hold you back, and if you are not sure what matches well with what, you can always follow us on @fable.street on Instagram to get some help from our FSStylist!

So, take your time and figure out which printed top do you want to mix with a printed bottom! Your wardrobe is your canvas, paint your creativity by adding some unpredictable touches to it!

Quality v/s Quantity

If you haven’t heard it enough, we thought we’d help you make a resolution out of it! DECLUTTER! That dress you have been clinging to for the last 3 years is not going to fit. You have grown as a woman, and you are no longer a petite girl. Embrace your voluptuous body and fall in love with yourself! Take out whatever doesn’t fit or makes sense to you anymore. It’s time you get some quality clothes and make your wardrobe a versatile one.

So, before you begin your new year, open your wardrobe and find the clothes that are ultimate essentials and get rid of the ones that don’t make you feel beautiful anymore.

Have A Classy 2022!

As we step into a new year tomorrow, we hope you have many successful ventures and you never fail to turn heads with all the fashion resolutions you make today! After all, FableStreet is always there to help you make the best fashion choices.