#FitsLikeNothingElse: Fits That Are Made To Flatter All Sizes And Shapes

#FitsLikeNothingElse: Fits That Are Made To Flatter All Sizes And Shapes

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“This doesn’t look right on me.”
“Why am I not the right size?”
“Maybe I am not made to fit in this.”

How many times have we asked ourselves these questions after trying an outfit on?

But more importantly, are these even the right questions?
Let’s flip these, shall we?

“This isn’t the right fit for me.”
“Why is this not the right size?”
“Maybe it’s not made to fit me.”

At FableStreet, these are the questions we have always asked and answered. After all, clothing should be made to fit you so you are not forced to ‘fit in’ anymore.

Till date, there is not a mass-adopted Indian Sizing standard. Most brands, global and homegrown, use the European charts. But that does not always apply to Indian women, as they’re blessed with curvier bodies and diverse shapes. When you think about it, you may have been wearing the wrong size all this while and believing it to be yours– just because the available labels never took your sizing needs into account. As a brand that celebrates your uniqueness, this was unacceptable to us.

When we began in 2016, it was with a clear mission in mind: to create fits that flatter all shapes and sizes.

And with research, data and technology in our FS Fit Algorithm, our Fits are crafted to flatter all Indian body shapes, so you do not have to compromise on style or comfort.

According to a study*, your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world. A good fit makes you comfortable, frees you from fussing over what we’re wearing and enables you to truly live in the moment with poise and confidence. And that’s exactly how it should be all the time, right?
We can proudly say that FableStreet #FitsLikeNothingElse.

Ready to understand your fit?

*Source: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology