From Meetings To Parties, Here’s How These 5 Working Women Style Their Favourite Tees

From Meetings To Parties, Here’s How These 5 Working Women Style Their Favourite Tees

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Since the inception of tees, they have been underrated and not appreciated enough. It’s a sad reality of a wardrobe staple. But slowly but surely tees are making a surprising comeback to our work wardrobe, all thanks to last year! We all got used to working from home in comfortable clothes and while we may not have the option of going to work in shorts, we can definitely wear tees for it.

So, to make sure that you do not lose out on the comfort of working from home even when sitting in the office, we made sure that our tees are made from breathable fabric that makes them super comfortable to wear. There are varieties like collared, round neck, V neck and more. So much versatility in one piece and still you are not using them to their full potential!

We want to tell all the tees how much we appreciate them and this one is for them! If you still don’t believe how amazing basic t-shirts can be, maybe these women and the way they style it with different pants, skirts and shorts will change your mind about it!

Calm Workout Mornings

When you are working out, you need clothes that will move with you and not restrict you from pushing yourself to the limit. This is why every fitness lover has a stack of t-shirts that they wear when working out and so should you!

Kuhoo Kaushik

Actress Kuhoo Kaushik is a firm believer that the best thing to wear when working out are t-shirts. Just pair them with your workout shorts, put on some sneakers and they will be your perfect fitness partner! 

Meetings Both In And Out Of The Office

When you stand in front of your closet and try to decide the right outfit for a day filled with meetings & presentations, the first thing we reach for is formal shirts and trousers, power suits. But, who said that you can’t wear a tee to a meeting? All the magic lies in how you style it. 


Just like Rashi who is a dietician and loves to pick a comfortable but stylish co-ord that has elegant pants and a jacket and wears a solid tee under it. This look is subtle, classic and exudes the elegance that you need during meetings.

Hectic Work Days Filled With Zoom Calls

When you start going to work after lounging on your couch for a year, wearing formal clothes can feel restrictive. So, ditch the shirt once a week and pick up that tee. You can find all the inspiration you need in travel blogger Rashi Kalra. 

Rashi Kalra

When she isn’t travelling, she dresses up for all her meetings in a white high-necked tee and some equally comfortable culottes. It gives off a professional vibe without looking overly formal. 

Saturday Brunch Look

Your tees might not look like they can accompany you to your brunch day but if you know the true value of this particular piece of clothing, you’d know how to leverage it and make it look fancy. 

Shewon Alyosius

Just like fashion stylist Shewon Alyosius did! She paired our red LivIn tee with a white pleated skirt. This look is perfect for Saturday brunches with your girlfriends. Add some heels and a fun bag and voila! you have the perfect outfit. 

Weekend Plans With Girlfriends

The one thing that is of utmost importance when out on the town during the weekend is to be in comfortable clothing that will help you last longer and have a fun night. 

Chahat Sodhani

Digital creator Chahat Sodhani loves to pair a sleeveless tee with some stylish wide-leg or straight fit pants for a night out. This combination of the perfect mix of style and comfort! Throw on some heels and add a cute bag and you are set to take over the town. 

If this hasn’t convinced you that tees are one of the most versatile pieces of garments, then maybe the fact that the variety available is endless might. From polo collars to round necks, from lycra to cotton, you can choose any variety you want. 

So, why buy tees just to wear them at home when you can style them everywhere!