FS Stylist’s Ultimate Guide On How To Colour Yourself Bold

FS Stylist’s Ultimate Guide On How To Colour Yourself Bold

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I personally love bright and bold colours. They make a statement and establish your presence. Their vibrance provides an insight into your personality. Bold colours are not for women who want to hide in a corner. It’s for women who love to explore and be on an adventure for life. Being a stylist, I can vouch for bold colours. However, even though many women are embracing the trend of dressing bold, there are plenty who shy away from it, especially at work. They sometimes worry about standing out too much or are just unsure of how and what colours to wear and some just worry if it’s professional to wear bold colours to work.

To these ladies, we ask you to keep your worries aside and embrace the bolder side of your personality. Embrace bold colours and get on the ride of adventure.

So, tell us! Is Bold Type your type?

Give Bold Prints A Chance

If you thought bold colours are just about solid bright colours, think again! One doesn’t necessarily have to feel limited to wearing only one solid colour. An easy way to make a statement and yet feel comfortable in your own skin is to wear prints in bright and pop colours. Abstract, floral, marble or watercolour prints may be one of them. These prints can be great options to add to your wardrobe.

Team With Neutrals To Keep It Safe

Are you scared of going overboard with your bold pairing? Neutral colours will always be our best friend and pairing them with bold colours is the simplest way to balance your look.

If you have a bold coloured top, team it with a neutral coloured bottom like a white, beige, navy, or black. Here are our top 3 looks to try.

Try Colour Blocking To Make A Statement

This one is my personal favourite. Colour blocking is a fun way to add a dash of personal style to any look. Not only can colour blocking be flattering for the figure but can also be reflective of your personality and how you perceive colours. A great way to start with this is to understand the colour wheel. To make a bold statement, pair contrasting colours together and let your style statement speak for you.

Just know that bold will be beautiful, always and forever.

Note: If you’re still confused about how to work around the colour wheel, it’s child’s play! A colour wheel helps you know what colour goes together and what doesn’t. The easiest way is to pair the colours that sit opposite on the colour wheel and you will be ready to ace the colour blocking game. One can also pair colours that sit together in the colour wheel. For example, if you are looking for combinations for a blue top, you could either pick colours from adjacent colours (green, violet, and shades of pink) or you may pick a colour that lies on the opposite side of the colour wheel (shades of yellow and orange).

Colour Wheel

We hope these style tips help you adorn your bold side with confidence. We’d love for you to share your bold colour pairings with us on our Instagram handle fable.street.