How To Find A Top That Fits Like Nothing Else?

How To Find A Top That Fits Like Nothing Else?

Who is unaware of the struggle to find a top that fits you just right? And the heartbreak when a top you bought with so much love just didn’t ‘feel right’? When someone wears a right fit top, not only does it complement your body, but also puts an end to the question of confidence.

Would you like your mood going down as your droopy sleeves are? MISERY! NO!

You must have spent time scrolling through the website size charts, but all they told you was your size. And you’re left with certain lingering doubts in the corner of your head.

“Are the sleeves of the right length?”
“The last one was too snug on the chest.”
“My paunch might be visible!”

To aid my fellow ladies with their doubts, here’s a little briefing on finding a top that #FitsLikeNothingElse.

No-droop shoulders

Did you ever wear a top that was creeping up your shoulder or falling over your arm? Yes? There! It isn’t your right fit! The first thing to look at the top is the seam. The shoulder seam should align with the edge of your shoulder.The right shoulder seam will make your sleeves and collar space fit just about the right place, hence no-droop shoulders!

Not Tight On Bust Or Tummy

A top too tight would make you uncomfortable, the top too loose might just end up making you rounder and bigger, unless of course it is made to fall off your curves. Leaving 2-5 cm of fabric across the top is advisable to not make you look like hunching.If there is a chunk of excess fabric or wrinkles in places that should be smooth, then it is not a good fit. You shouldn’t end up trying to force your body into a shape that it’s not.

Right Length For Indian Women

There’s definitely a top at the back of your closet, you don’t wear anymore because it makes you look short! That’s because it covers up all of your upper body including your hips and a top too short comes with its own obstacles of revealing.Tops over the trousers should generally be 1-3 inches above the crotch or should fall 2-3 inches below the belt line, it doesn’t matter if you have a long or a short torso. This length is perfect to cover your tummy without having a clumsy fall, perfectly accentuating the Indian body curves.

Perfect Sleeve Lengths

A lot of fashion trends develop around the style of sleeves but talking about the most basic ones, they shouldn’t hamper your hand movement.Try looking at the armhole, it shouldn’t be very small as it constrains activity and the bigger one might be very roomy but leaves extra fabric and space to peep inside and it becomes a real deal with sleeveless tops. If it is a long sleeve, then the hem of the cuff should reach around or above the thumb and if it’s a short one it should have 1-2 finger rolling space in there.

Bra Strap Holders

We have all experienced the frustration of getting trendy clothes in the size which normally fits perfectly but turns out it is baggy from the shoulders and you don’t want your bra straps to show but they are! Get tops which have the bra strap holders, as it would help you move around freely doing daily chores and be comfortable enough to sustain a 9-5 life circle.

There! We have put your requirements in words!

When you find yourself struggling and adjusting your top every time you move, wondering if it’s your body, the problem has always been the top
REMEMBER- The clothes are supposed to fit you, not the other way around!

We all somehow agree that a good fit is the most important asset but what we didn’t know was how to get it, so, consider this as a love note for all the ladies out there and treat yourself to a right fit top now from FableStreet that #FitsLikeNothingElse.

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