Layering Tricks To Style Your Summer Clothes With Winter Essentials

Layering Tricks To Style Your Summer Clothes With Winter Essentials

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We know how excited you are to restock your winter closet but wait! Did you hear that voice of your conscience? Did it ask you to stop shoving summer clothes into the hidden depths of your closet? Well, that’s because your wardrobe is sufficient; all you need is a few styling tricks. Listen to your summer essentials, unpack them and get the layering game right for a transitioning wardrobe. Not only will it help you stay warm, but it also will channel the summer fashion trends into your winter wardrobe.

Are you ready to get a whole new perspective for your wardrobe?

The Beloved Black Dress

Yes, the black dress you call a staple is not meant to go back in the attic. There are multiple ways to style it for chilly winter. Adding a layer of a sweater, jacket or overcoat can help you look chic and cosy through the best season of the year. But our personal favourite is when we style it with our maroon trench coat.

The combination is subtle and the deep tones are perfect colours for the winter.

The Office Staple Top

Are you in love with your summer formal wear? The colourful and sophisticated look you carried through the summers can still be part of your winter wardrobe. Not everyone wants dark tones of winters. Some of us want to add a pop of colour with our black pants, and your summer tops will do exactly that. Layer it with a formal blazer, and you will be good to go for your next meeting.

Don’t let the colourful side of you be put in a box just because you can’t find playful spring prints in winter fashion.

The Chic Pink Dress

We know how summers want you to look chic in the least of layers, but that is exactly what you need in winters. But who said that layers have to be added over your pretty perfect pink dress? Take a fitted maroon sweater and layer it with your summery pink dress and be all ready for your winter brunch! This way, you can make almost all sleeveless summer things cold-proof by wearing a sweater under them.

Your dress will still be the star of the outfit while you feel cosy and warm in the layer of sweater under it!

The world will tell you how to style yourself for your everyday. But guess who holds control of your wardrobe? You! So, play around with your clothes, and find your sweet spot with these summer-winter clothes for the transitional period and beyond! Get your winter staples on FableStreet and share your looks with #FSWomen on @fable.street.