Life In Pastels: From 6 AM to 9 PM

Life In Pastels: From 6 AM to 9 PM

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No matter what year we are in, pastel is one trend that would never be done. It will always be in our wardrobe and our lives, just in different forms. This time, we got some knits for you and that’s exactly what we all need this season for the day and night.

Starting from 6 AM workout to 9 PM dinner dates, your looks can never go wrong with pastels. Don’t believe us? Well, have a look and prove us wrong.

6 AM: Workout Session

The stretch of our tees will make them the go-to option for workouts. For the ‘sweat-it’ session, these tees will make you feel comfortable.

9 AM: Headed Out To Work

You cannot beat the crisp look you get with tees and pairing it up with the right co-ord can give you the oh-so-sophisticated look.

3 PM: Mid-Day Lunch Scene

We know the struggle of stepping out on a summer day. But if you have the softest tees with you, who’s got to worry?

9 PM: Night-Out Plans

Headed out for the night? Let your chic side be out and twirl around in this monochrome look. After all, tees are not so casual, are they?

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