Presenting India’s First Work From Home Edit

Presenting India’s First Work From Home Edit

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The new normal has turned the 9 to 5 work routine on its head and completely changed the way we all work & function. The line between “work” and “home” has blurred and you need clothes to match. On that note, we’re super-excited to present India’s first-ever Work From Home Edit– a clothing range dedicated to those who are working from home, running errands and doing everything else in between.

Pretty and Practical

Zoom meeting in the morning, virtual party in the evening? No time to change in between? No need to worry! Our breezy, relaxed, made to measure Cotton and Linen styles are here to take you from AM to PM. These look great on you, fit you well and most importantly, do not compromise on the comfort factor.

Good Enough To Live In

As a result, we made easy dresses with pockets, elasticated pants with plenty of wiggle room and tops that make you feel right at home (pun intended). We have kept in mind your busy routine: Sitting on your desk all day, laundry on weekends, catching a movie and made these styles from scratch using natural fabrics such as Cotton, Linen and Cotton-blends.

Better Than PJs

Of course, you might argue that it’s simply convenient to slip into your PJs. But trust us: Just for once, ditch your PJs for a nice shirt or dress and watch your productivity soar instantly. These feature subtle details like ruffles, cut-out details, etc. which are Zoom-appropriate and also don’t come in your way. You will feel better and get things done quickly. Also, a little bit of self-love never hurt anybody.

View the complete collection here.

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