Speaking Weaves: What Your Favourite Winter Picks Say About You?

Speaking Weaves: What Your Favourite Winter Picks Say About You?

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It’s getting colder by the day and all that stand between us and those frosty, chilly winds are our cosy ensembles. But protecting us from the cold and making us look good is not all they do. They talk about you all the time. Yes, you read that right! Your winter clothing choices tell a lot about what drives you as a person and how you approach life, at work and beyond.

Don’t believe us? Just pick your favourite style from the Winter Edit and read on to find what they have been saying about you.

If you like Trendy Trench Coats…

You like to stand out. You’re strong and independent, someone who takes challenges head-on. You follow through on your instincts, no matter what people think. At the workplace, you’re composed and collaborative. A stellar team player, your colleagues appreciate your ideas and adore your personality. You take great care in maintaining personal relationships. When faced with toxic people or environments, you remove yourself from the situation entirely. You think vulnerability is a sign of weakness. You love being surprised!

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If you like Softest Sweaters…

You value the simple pleasures in life! Calm and considerate, you are all about the little things. After a long, hard day at work, you love relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. At work, people mistake your quiet nature for introversion but you are the life of office parties. You work extremely well under pressure. In personal relationships, you respect the clarity of thought and communication. Gifting thoughtful little presents is your love language.

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If you like Joyful Jackets…

You are an explorer at heart! You always seek bespoke experiences and are most likely to have a long bucket list. You love your creature comforts but have an altruistic approach to life. You are the vivacious one at work, always making people laugh and initiating fun team outings. You express yourself unabashedly and can’t stand hypocrisy. You have trouble trusting new people but once you get comfortable with them, you don’t hold back.

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If you like Outstanding Overcoats…

You are the definition of elegance. Poised, confident and graceful, you speak your mind openly and clearly. You don’t care for nor appreciate chaotic environments. A natural-born leader, you’re always looked up to at work. Your colleagues often come to you for advice, and you’re always ready with a patient, judgement-free ear. You’re meticulous and organized. Always putting others first, you’re fiercely loyal and protective for your loved ones.

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If you like Marvelous Mufflers…

You turn heads wherever you go! You adore being the centre of attention, and of course, you deserve every single bit of it. You’re often spotted with a big group sporting happy faces. Brilliant and brimming with team spirit, you set the bar high at work. With a knack for making friends very quickly, you are quite the social butterfly. Your idea of a perfect day is hanging out with your tribe at the trendiest spot in town and partying well into the night.

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