Stylist Picks: Cool Blues Edition

Stylist Picks: Cool Blues Edition

To Pocket Or Not To Pocket? Reading Stylist Picks: Cool Blues Edition 6 minutes Next Life In Pastels: From 6 AM to 9 PM

Here’s a secret we didn’t talk about, till now! Did you know that working with a fashion brand comes with a lot of perks? One of those perks is being the model for an editorial shoot, irrespective of the fact that you are a content writer. I experienced this fun-filled perk on the very first day of attending office; an office that I had joined under lockdown. It all fell in place because the idea of being the face of a campaign made me nervous and when I got to wear the outfits, my nervousness then turned into excitement. 

So, let me make it easy for you to understand! Are you scared of getting sweaty in sticky and irritating monsoons too? We can’t live in this fear anymore. We want our monsoons to be cool and calm, and Cool Blues can make that happen for us. Here are our stylist’s 6 picks from this easy, breezy collection to make your life and wardrobe look more than fine!

And for me, the shoot turned out to be pleasant because of how these clothes fit my body and the season. The cotton fabric made it a pleasant experience and trust me when I say, you can expect all your sweaty days to bid you goodbye!

Spoiled For Choice With Tiered Dress

A dress is more fun if it’s tiered and makes you twirl all day long. After the ‘Hot girl summer’ it’s time to live the ‘boss lady monsoon’. With sleeves that keep you away from those sickening mosquito bites and a length that lets you be in your element, this dress is for you!

After half a day of work, this dress was the best thing that happened to me. The texture felt soft on the skin and made me live my twirl dream in the best way. Also, the best part about this dress is that by the end of the day, you can still take this dress for your night plans and you will stand out! Between you and me, I had intentions of taking it out for my dinner date but sadly, I had to give it back. This midi-length dress is a dream dress with a royal navy blue shade that makes our monsoon pleasant.

Slaying In Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are perfect for the playful soul in you. After all, what’s better than having one piece that helps you dress from head to toe, in one go? And even if you are a person who hesitates to be yourself in public, an outfit like this can bring out the fun side. I can say that because that is what happened with me. From being a completely awkward person in front of the camera, this outfit made me jump and be my quirky self.

With premium cotton, this outfit is perfect to pull off in hardcore monsoon days and evenings. This timeless piece can be dressed up to give you a stellar evening look.

Ideal For 9-9 Shirt Dress

A dress that looks like a shirt? The concept might be old, but since the day it made a comeback in the fashion space, we have been excited about it. To dress up and go out or rule the boardroom, this dress is perfect for everything. And I felt that way when I was wearing it. This shirt dress made me feel like a confident woman who knows what she is doing, although that’s now how I often feel, in reality.

Am I the only one who trips over stripes?

Stripe is one print that can make you look taller. The best part is that this shirt dress comes with a belt that makes the dress look ‘fit and flare’ dress. It is undoubtedly one of the best fits in the category of dresses.

Timeless Pick Of Checkered Shirt

What do we look for in our shirts? Comfort? Breathable fabric? Colour to keep you fresh? Well, whatever it is, this shirt will definitely fit in the bracket of all of it. The moment this shirt was on me, my skin could breathe a little more. It was easy to let my body flow and pose for all the crazy pictures my team wanted. 

The checkered print is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. Let this one flow while lounging and tuck it in to attend your next meeting. Honestly, this is one piece I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Minimalist’s Wardrobe Staple Shirt

It is so difficult to survive the heat waves and the humid air in monsoons, and it gets worse when we have to step out. To go through such days, this shirt is the right pick. From your café dates to your board meetings, this shirt is a practical solution to all your problems. This piece made me feel excited about how practical it is and is perfect for all your occasions.

This shirt will just slide on your body. The drop shoulder feature gives it an edgy look. If that’s what you need in all monsoons, this will end up being your favourite.

(In)Formal Shirt Style

Okay! I am not sure how to explain what this shirt is about. I enjoyed being in this one piece so much that I was sitting in the most bizarre ways and still be at ease. The pleated detail made me look feminine, and it also gave me the comfort of an oversized t-shirt. I am not sure how to put happiness in words.

For a person, whose problematic area is her belly, this piece of clothing solves all the dressing dilemmas. And I can’t be more delighted about it!

One thing that makes me happy about the first day at work, in real is that by the end of it, I was more comfortable with the team and I started to fall in love with the collection. I was a part of something exciting and the clothes made me feel pretty but nowhere close to blue. The breezy silhouettes are definitely worth adding to your wardrobe.