The Drastic Transformation Of Back-To-Work Outfits

The Drastic Transformation Of Back-To-Work Outfits

We have a question for you! How did 2 years of work-from-home change you?

Didn’t we all transition drastically in this period; personally and professionally. And there’s one thing that has now become a priority for most of us – COMFORT.

The comfort of working as per the availability.
The comfort of skipping the commute time.
The comfort of having a couch and desk at the same place.
The comfort of managing everything and everything.
And the most important one, the comfort of living in lounge pants.

As we head back to work, we may get back to being stuck in traffic and won’t be able to take mid-work naps, but we can still be in lounge pants. Oh no, we won’t ask you to go to the office in your lousy pyjamas.

But what if we tell you there are clothes that stretch and move with you? Exciting, right? So, let’s take you through stretchable and comfortable clothes you would want in your work wardrobe (and won’t get out of even beyond work hours).

Pants that Stretch

One piece of clothing that will never go out of style is a good pair of pants. And the only change we have seen in our need for pants is the stretch. We want pants that stretch and let us stretch our limits too. So, we are getting the pants that still give us the feels of lounge pants.

Tees that Comfort

People have spoken and there’s another thing on our list of needs. As we are all headed back to work, it is important we make comfort a priority. But if you are bothered if comfort can’t be chic, think again. It’s time you find tees that are comfortable and make you look forever chic.

Dresses that Let You Be

Workwear dresses are no longer about sticking to a dress code but about letting your skin breathe in silhouettes that flow. The key is to find the dress that fits you perfectly and drape so beautifully, making elegant dressing easy.

Business Jackets that Rule

Your wardrobe. Your life. And your boardroom. That’s the role your business jackets are supposed to play in your everyday. Whether it is a client pitch, a team lunch, or an office event, a business jacket will always make you look like you are there to ace it all.

Jewellery that Shines

While you want to be at comfort, you still want to look elegant and jewellery can help you do that. Sterling silver styles are minimal and perfect accessories when you have to go back to work. So, are you ready to get back to accessorising for workdays?

So, as you head back to work, let’s make sure your clothes have adapted to the new normal (the stretchable and breathable normal). Still struggling to find the perfect back to work outfit? Well, at FableStreet you will find the look you want for all the days ahead. Are you ready to revamp from loungewear to workwear, but with the same comfort?