The Monochrome Moodboard: Here’s How Colour Choices Define You

The Monochrome Moodboard: Here’s How Colour Choices Define You

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There is something about the comfort and familiarity of your favourite hue, isn’t there? In a world where trends come and go, your go-to colour remains the only constant in closet. Now we all know the colour that speaks to us always, but did you know that it also speaks about us?

So what’s your hue and what does it say about you? Let’s find out!

Always Bright In White

Pure and innocent, shining their light,
Orderly and open are those who love White.

Pristine and soothing, whites are universally chic. There is nary a closet where this colour doesn’t find a place and opposite to the prevalent notion, it looks good on all body types.

Those who love this colour are known to be organised, peaceful and endearing. Their emotions are almost childlike and their close ones feel protective of them.

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Always Cool In Blue

Deep and resilient, a storm within thee,
Those who love blue are quite like the sea.

As universal as the sky itself, blue is a crowd-pleaser colour. With shades ranging from the subtle aqua to the striking cobalt, there is one for everyone.

Those who love blue are known to be compassionate and calm but can surprise you with their intensity and strength too. They inspire trust and are loyal to a fault.

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Always Popping In Yellow

A pocketful of summer sun and glee,
That’s how the yellow lovers are known to be.

Even the common rhyme with “dirty fellow” we have heard as children could not dim the vivacity of yellow. How could it be when the colour itself is reminiscent of the sun, our life source on this planet?

Those who love this colour are enthusiastic and cheerful, always chasing adventures in life. Their smiles are infectious and their energy brings life to the dullest of days for those around them.

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Always Chic In Pink

Brimming with whimsy and delicate love,
The ones who love pink are sent from above!

Almost synonymous with femininity by association, pink is the colour with shades that relates to all the amazing personalities we come across, from bold fuschia to the chic dusty pink.

Those who love this colour are playful, fun souls who aren’t afraid to put their hearts on their sleeves. They love fiercely and form long-lasting bonds.

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Always Serene In Green

With an aura that nature does bless,
Ones who love green never fail to impress.

Think of green and the two biggest sources of comfort and joy come to mind, the lush landscapes of nature and the flush mint of money. Green is the colour of abundance and bounty, unifying two dire opposite schools of thought.

Those who love green are very practical and composed, but they thrive in excess. They love to give advice and seek ambition. Outdoorsy and analytical, they wow everyone around them.

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Always Glorious In Purple

Assertive and unique, ruling atop the tower,
If you love purple, you know true power.

Flirting from impactful violet to popping lilac, there is no shade of Purple that doesn’t demand your complete attention and admiration. Is it really a surprise that one of them is the Colour of the Year?

Effortlessly charismatic and quick-witted, the ones who go for purple exude power. They’re creative, confident and have a taste for finer things in life.

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