What To Wear If You Have A Pear Body Type

What To Wear If You Have A Pear Body Type

Every body type is unique and beautiful with its unique characteristics. And we all know how difficult it can be to find outfits in the right fit that flatter those unique body types and make us feel confident and comfortable. Without further ado, we start off this body positive journey with our first handy guide on what to wear if you have a pear body type. Scroll down for style tips and guidelines on how to highlight your pear body type.

What Is A Pear Body Type?

Also known as a triangular shape, the pear body type is defined by the following characteristics (visual representation above):
1. Your shoulders are narrow
2. You have a defined waist which is narrow compared to your hips
3. Your hips are wide than your shoulders

What Should You Wear?

The secret to dressing well is quite universal, irrespective of your body type. These key things include balancing your outfit to flatter your shape and size, drawing attention to the parts you want the focus to be on and experimenting with prints and colours. And of course, to have fun with your outfit.

Experiment with necklines in tops and dresses, such as boat neck, cowl neck, high neck and collars. If you have heavy arms, make them look slender by opting for tops and dresses with stylish sleeves.

Dresses are your best friends. Opt for shift dresses, A-line dresses and straight dresses in long lengths.

High-waist or straight pants accentuate your waistline and create a more balanced silhouette. A-line or flared skirts highlight your waist and flatter your bottom half as well. Opt for long or short length depending on the occasion.

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