What to Wear To A Virtual Interview

What to Wear To A Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews need a different approach than the traditional ones. But one thing is common and it is how well you dress for it.

Interviews require you to look sharp and sophisticated. However, it becomes difficult to juggle your daily chores, work, and struggle to slide in your professional attire. It’s been long that we have entered offices and dressed up to attend any official event. You still need to ace that virtual interview and look polished to impress your future bosses.

It is time to keep the habit of relaxed WFH dressing in the backseat. And our style experts at FS have fashion insights to help you with it. There are a few little tips to do the deed, and we have listed them for you.

Choose Your Colour Wisely

Many people might wonder how the colour of our clothes would matter for an interview. Colour plays a crucial role in making you feel confident. The outfit details should make you feel calm and collected.

The background you have during the call is also an important factor to consider. The colour of your outfit should stand out and not merge with the backdrop. Also, avoid prints that might take attention away from your face. So, choose tops that are subtle and make the appearance on video pleasant.

Find A Suitable Neckline and Collar

Now that the colour of your outfit is decided, let’s take it ahead with the type of top or dress you can wear. You may be sitting there in your pyjamas. But the neckline of the outfit you wear is what is going to leave an impact. Opting for delicate collars like mandarin, tailored collar, bowtie collar, and others is always impactful.

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer collars, you can always go for any necklines that are sophisticated and not too low.

Linen Collared Striped Shirt

Pick Your Jewellery

Along with the top of your pic, make sure you wear impressionable jewellery. Anything that isn’t flashy and taking away attention from your face will be suitable for a virtual interview. A small bracelet or cuff, pendant, studs or dangle earrings are some of the acceptable jewellery pieces for an interview.

Less is always more. Choosing elegant earrings and a minimalistic necklace would be enough.

Dual Coloured Shell Pearl Necklace & Earring Set

Layer It Up

If you are one of those who consciously decide to look professional, layering might be a good idea for you. Putting on a blazer that is suitable according to the weather will make your job easier. A collared shirt with a blazer is the most appropriate outfit to carry for an interview. 

The colour of the blazer needs to be in sync with your shirt to make you look professional. Thus, choose subtle colours for the blazer as well.

4 Way Stretch LivIn Jacket

Fall Back On The Classic

If you are still not sure about what to pick, there’s one piece that will make your life easier. A white shirt is a lifesaver. If you are lucky, and an interview call is scheduled suddenly, pick your white crisp shirt, and your interviewer would take you as a serious candidate. 

A white shirt with a small pendant and sharp hairstyle will be perfect for any interview, whether it’s virtual or face to face. 

Rayon Collared Shirt

Now that your outfit is complete for the virtual interview, we hope you benefit from our little piece and achieve the opportunities you seek.

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