5 Effortless Styles To Take You ‘In & Out’

5 Effortless Styles To Take You ‘In & Out’

From 2020 to 2021, it’s been a transformative year in all aspects. When it comes to fashion and styling, comfort is now the foremost need. Starting off with pyjamas, sweatpants, and slippers, we were all clueless on how work from home life works. With an extensive experience of staying at home, some of us are now clear about what we want the most – COMFORT! Now that we’ve started to go out, it is what we want to wear In & Out.

It is beyond our understanding how we even slipped into those restrictive clothes and go through 9 long hours of work. Currently, we crave breezy clothes, no matter where we are. However, when we go out, we all want to look stylish. The question on everyone’s lips is that how can we have something that falls in between these two?

Let’s find out what styles would fall in the ‘comfort zone’ with a bit of dress up and down!

1. Pleasing The Tees

This one staple piece was mostly limited to our homes. In the pre-pandemic era, when we headed out, we picked out the best blouse, style it, and get some pictures of our outings for our social grid. But with the habit of staying in, we are used to wearing summer knits and wovens, we are never letting these go. We have ignored our amazing tees all these years and now it’s time to make up for the lost time and please our tees.

You can lounge around by pairing these tees with a pair of functional skorts and style them up with comfortable pants to head out for all your social dos. These comfort-driven tees prove that they love our bodies the most as they help us survive the heat waves of summer even when you plan to read a book out in the sun.

Here’s how you can style Round Neck T-shirt for 

IN look: Cotton Linen Skort

OUT look: Linen Textured Culottes, Freshwater Pearl Studs, and Bookworm Charm

2. Replacing The Jeans

Did you dump your jeans too? Guilty, not guilty! Initially, the staple for the outside world was either jeans or trousers. But guess what? We don’t plan to go back to our old habits. For us, now it is either about culottes, wide-legged pants, or any bottom that lets our skin breathe, doesn’t stick to our body and allows us to move freely through the day – inside and outside.

When we sit at home for our WFH session or even when we head to the office for a few days a week, we want our lives to be easier. Such bottoms help us do that, don’t they? Switch from a basic tee to a floral top and your look would be elevated in an instant.

Here’s how you can style Livin Culottes for 

IN look: Drop Shoulder Knitted Tee

OUT look: Floral Top, Minimal Studs

3. Falling For Dresses

Our love for dresses has been eternal. But who would have thought that these classic pieces would become suitable to wear at home? Rather than creating a look with a bottom and a top, it’s always easier to pull off a look with one-piece wonders – after all, less is always more. And the In & Out looks get more comfortable when we have knit dresses by our side.

Your coffee days will now be more chic and elegant, no matter where you are – at home or café! Add a tinge of glam to step out and put on a mask, for your coffee run at your favourite spot.

Here’s how you can style 3 Tiered A-Line Dress for 

IN look: Triunity Stud

OUT look: Dry Flower Necklace and Earrings

4. Stepping Into Shorts

Have summers at home trained you to be in your shorts 24/7 too? Work, errand run, sports, anything would be better in our beloved shorts. We know how absurd it sounds when we mention wearing shorts to work but workwear has evolved to an extent that all workdays will be casual Fridays for us. And our range of pleated shorts is just a kickstart to this new dress code.

Stepping out to cycle or just staying in to chill with your plants, it’s all more fun in shorts! Swap the tee with a breathable top and style your hair and give them a clean look and add on the footwear that suits the occasion and you will be all set to step out in shorts.

Here’s how you can style Cotton Mid Rise Shorts for 

IN look: Round Neck Knitted T-Shirt

OUT look: Linen Back Button Top, Aqua Chalcedony Earrings, and Im-perfect Ring

5. Adding The Flare

Aren’t we all bored of just staying in our basic clothing? Spending a massive amount of time in lockdown, we are now leaving no chance to dress up and pleated skirts do that for us. It’s a piece that will give you a break from monotonous clothing that you have been wearing all day long. Breezy, comfortable, stylish, and oh-so-gorgeous pieces – These will take you through your day with a dose of style and fun, all at once. 

Catching up with your friends virtually, or going out for a wine session with your darlings – A pleated skirt will always be your go-to clothing to maintain your style, both in & out. With a tee replaced by a top, the attire and the mood is uplifted, effortlessly.

Here’s how you can style Pleated Skirt for 

IN look: Notch Lapel Shirt, Born a Star Charm, and Wine Lover Charm

OUT look: Button Detail Top and Asymmetric Pearl Earrings

These five effortless looks will inspire you to create a wardrobe that takes you In & Out with a bit of styling and change of accessories. Because that’s all we need to be at ease for our In & Out looks.