Aditi Gupta On Her Transition From Commercial Venture Capital To Impact Investments

Aditi Gupta On Her Transition From Commercial Venture Capital To Impact Investments

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Welcome to our section where we bring you stories and conversations with inspirational women who’ve changed lives and given back to the community. Today, Aditi Gupta, who leads Investments at Asha Impact shares her story. 

She started her career in the microfinance space and has now been in the finance and investments space for over a decade. Around three years back, she transitioned from being a commercial venture capitalist to an impact investor, and the one thing that has remained common in her roles is her focus on partnering with founders who are working on challenges of access and affordability at scale.  

In this candid conversation, she talks to us about the changes she has seen in the VC ecosystem, her experience of working in a male-dominated field, and how the ecosystem is changing and becoming more gender-inclusive in favour of women. We also get to know about an experience back from her school days that she considers a pivotal moment and which has helped shape her life and career decisions.

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Timeline Of The Video

0:44 – Finding a way into venture capital

2:14 – Changes in venture capitalism ecosystem over a decade

4:51 – Busting myths about being a VC

8:19 – Her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated field

10:37 – Changing dynamics of gender diversity in the system

“…In venture capitalism, people are a lot more open to the newness of any kind and diversity based on gender is one of those things. So, I think speaking of founders, that issue of gender comes in a lot less as compared to when you try to fundraise. People are not comfortable having women fund managers and it hurts us more. But I am also happy to see that it’s changing in the listed markets.”

11:57 – Learning from the banking sector on women leadership

12:53 – Difference between traditional VC and impact investment

15:22 – Her favourite equity deals

17:46 – One thing about being a VC that outsiders don’t know

18:07 – A life-defining moment

“…That’s all she said and that has shaped my life from thereon. It made me realise that if you don’t take your life seriously then nobody will, and for those of us who ARE privileged, the onus is on us to give back to people who aren’t as fortunate.”

19:36 – Three Indian women she looks up to

20:43 – A message to women

“…Never take criticism from anyone you wouldn’t take advice from. You will find a lot of naysayers along the way. And the only ones you need to pay attention to are the ones who you respect for what they have achieved and who you know are invested in your progress.”

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