Celebration Edit: Team FS Festive Playlist

Celebration Edit: Team FS Festive Playlist


What was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read that word? Was it dancing the night away with your friends or does it make you think about festivals like Diwali?

No matter what your idea of a celebration is, the one thing that is always going to be present is music and of course, food! Be it pumping Bollywood beats or EDM or even good pop numbers, a good song will turn an average day into a party!

We at FableStreet love to celebrate even the smallest moments of happiness and all our parties are filled with music, dance and laughter. We have songs for every occasion and the best thing we could do is to create a playlist with our festive best.

So, while the festive season is already in full swing, we are now entering Diwali week and that calls for a playlist filled with some of our favourite beats because sending food to all of you might be a little difficult! 

Presenting the Celebration Edit

But it’s not enough to just make a Spotify playlist. We also decided to ask our team why they love these songs! Here’s what they said:

Chaudhary-Mame Khan

“This song has a folky vibe which is what I love about festivals as well. It is the perfect combination of peppy beats and traditional vibe.”- Sakshi Bansal


“This party song is cheerful and perfect for Diwali as it reminds one to “shine bright like a diamond” and embrace the wonders that life has to offer.”- Radhika Singhal

Home-Phillip Philips

“My idea of celebration is being around my family. So as long as I am at home, my life is a festival.”- Nitika Yadav

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein-Silsila

“These old songs remind me of roaming around with my father during Diwali and seeing lights around the city. He used to play these slow songs in the car that I have come to love”- Riya Goyal

Mic Drop-BTS

“My daughter made me listen to this song and I instantly loved the beat. Plus, anything that makes her happy is a moment of celebration for me.”- Saurabh Kalra

Little Love-Lenka

“This is a song that makes you remember that there is joy even in the little things. It’s a calming beat that will instantly make you feel like celebrating your life.”- Anika Tanwar

Wang Da Naap-Ammy Virk

“There is no way that this song will not get you dancing. It is so upbeat that every party will become one to remember.”- Rohit Chauhan

DJ Vajda-Kulwinder Billa

“This song is about celebrating when you get the love of your life and my friends danced on this song at my wedding, so it’s exceptionally close to me.”- Adarsh Sharma

We are playing this playlist on repeat for the next week as we dance to our next Diwali party. Add your favourite celebration songs to our playlist and let’s party together!