Dr Shamoly Khera: Impactful Public Speaking & The Importance of Being Heard

Dr Shamoly Khera: Impactful Public Speaking & The Importance of Being Heard

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Welcome to our section on Real Women—where we bring you stories of and conversations with real women who inspire us, who have changed lives and given back to the community. Today, I’m here with Dr Shamoly Khera—TEDx Speaker, Executive Presence Coach & Founder of Speak To Inspire and Author of Bedazzle: The Art and Science of Eternal Confidence. Watch the fun session on impactful public speaking & how communicating your thoughts well is the next step to success.

A few snippets from the live session here

Adarsh: Hey Shamoly, how are you? Good to have you here!
Shamoly: I’m doing great! Thank you for having me!

Adarsh: While you were trained as a doctor, you’re currently working in media. How did that come about?
Shamoly: I’m the classic example of “Indian parental society” where high-graders are put into either medicine or engineering. I was interested in biology & the human mind, so medicine naturally came to me. I was good at it but I didn’t love it. After those 5 years, I told my parents that I needed a break & if things didn’t work out, I’d rejoin. There was no turning back! I went with the flow & put a deadline on myself. I got into theatre which gave me great TV opportunities & here I am.

Adarsh: That’s so refreshing to hear! You’re also the founder of Speak To Inspire. Tell us more about that.
Shamoly: Absolutely! Being a TV presenter gave me the opportunity of meeting new people, interviewing celebrities, etc. It’s a challenge as you’re speaking a lot & thinking on your feet. This profession pushes you to handle any situation. A lot of people asked me about public speaking, especially in group discussions, and it got me thinking as to how I would teach it. That’s how Speak To Inspire was born, where I coach people to be motivational speakers, pitch their ideas confidently & be more outspoken. Having great thoughts isn’t enough, communicating them well is the next step to success.

Adarsh: Sounds lovely! You’ve also written Bedazzle. What inspired you to write a book?
Shamoly: Bedazzle is my first book, which stemmed out from the fact that I couldn’t coach people to just be better speakers but also help them get rid of internal beliefs. I’m an analytical person & like to go to the root of such problems. The first half of the book is about breaking our self-limitations & reaching self-actualisation. Once that’s achieved, we get to techniques like voice modulation, body language, hand gestures & connecting to your audience confidently. Bedazzle is all about bedazzling with words!

Adarsh: Speaking of confidence, as a fashion brand, we believe that clothes play a vital role in helping someone be confident. What would be your top 5 wardrobe must-haves?
Shamoly: That’s a great question! It’s so important to be well-dressed today, and that doesn’t mean splurging but opting for timeless staples. My top picks would be a crisp white shirt, trousers (black & white), tailored white blazer and LBD.

Watch the full session here.