Dreams For A #BetterTomorrow: Post Lockdown Bucketlist

Dreams For A #BetterTomorrow: Post Lockdown Bucketlist

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Have you been dreaming of life after the lockdown too? Well, then my friend, we are all in one amazing dream that may come true soon. All we have to do is wait a little more. While we wait for all of this to get over, we thought of asking our close ones about that ONE thing they are dying to do as they are stuck in their homes. 

All of us have dreams for how we want to start off living our lives ahead. Compiling all the dreams, we now have a complete bucket list. We are going to tick them off one by one and get back to the life that we used to live before March 2020.

Invest In Yourself

First things first, you may do anything after the lockdown, but nothing can begin before you get that glow on your skin and get rid of those split ends you grew in the lockdown. For many of us pampering ourselves is important. Hence, we invest in self-care to be more relaxed. Yes, with a spa and an overdue manicure.

So, once we have done that, we might then think of making our lives happier by indulging in an activity that makes us feel more like ourselves.

Hit The Road

Who in this world doesn’t love being on the road? Whoever it is, we can’t be friends because everyone we know is talking about travelling and exploring. From mountains to beaches, we have all the nature lovers here. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of a few weeks that all the borders open up and we hit the road. 

There’s a huge possibility that all of us go missing from our respective offices and go on a digital detox in our exotic dream locations. Some of us go solo and some with our folks but adding a travel diary is a must now, and we are starting to plan it right away.

Get Retail Therapy

Yes, we dream of travelling but before we do that, we need to splurge a bit. We are craving the fragrance of new clothes and the feeling of going around in a mall. It’s high time that we actually shop till we drop. We have been looking at the same wardrobe and not much has changed in it. Online shopping did help us in this time but the feeling of trying on clothes in the trial room and holding hefty shopping bags is still missing.

We are all making an improvement with the situation. So, moving forward, the first thing we want to do is SHOP!

Indulge In Real-Life Activities

Yes, we have been using our times to do different activities even when we were confined to our homes. Thanks to the virtual world, we could attend all our classes and remain as fit as we were before the lockdown ever happened. We have come down to living such experiences on an individual level. But it feels like it’s been an eternity that we did all of that as a community.

Whether it was going to a dance class or skating sessions, practising yoga or art, people want to attend these activities in a real setting. Because we are too tired of doing that in our homes.


It was ages back when dining out was a weekly routine and now it has become a luxury. Some of us have managed to go through this time without dining in (out of our houses). Whether it’s a brewery or a fine-dine restaurant, or even a dhaba, the food tastes way better when it’s not ordered online and arrives on your table directly from the kitchen. We have been missing this experience to the extent that we can trade anything for it. 

We crave being in a setting where people are having fun and eating the food they love. With the loud cheers of friends in the middle of a restaurant and the giggles of a couple on the table next to us, it’s been long that we had that kind of life. And now it’s time to live it all over again, at least we can hope for it.

Hug Your Tribe

Okay, no matter how materialistic we get, this one has to be our favourite. We are waiting to meet our friends and hug them all. It has been so long since we got to do it. We have started living a virtual life and it revolves around GIFs, emojis and other sad ways of hugging our friends. From hugging our friends to visiting our most loved brewery, we have to do it all.

Once all of this is over, we are going to say goodbye to video calls for good and hope we never get constrained to our screens ever again.

Enjoy A Wedding Bash

It’s been a tough year to pass without attending any weddings. It was tougher for people whose wedding got delayed and they couldn’t spend for the biggest day of their lives. We are done with the concept of zoom weddings. So, once we can increase our guest lists and attend all the events in real, we are going to dance our hearts out at weddings, eat a lot of food at these events and enjoy what we have been missing. 

Some of us are also dying to see our sibling get married. No, it’s not just out of love for the sister; it’s because we have these amazing ideas for outfits that we want to wear and all of that is getting cancelled with every lockdown extension. We miss getting dressed up at a wedding and that’s what we want to do first.

Living The Dreams

If you are tired of being constrained in the four walls, you will understand when we say that we want to do it all. From watching a movie in a theatre to adventure sports, we have been taking all of these experiences for granted in the past. The time we got to ourselves, we dreamt how we want to live ahead in future. It’s time we make it happen.

We are now more excited to get out and live life to the fullest. We just want to explore life like we never did and thanks to the pandemic that we have all the realisations.

So, we and everyone around us is waiting for the lockdown to be over and build a #BetterTomorrow.