Gauri Das: On Being a Possibilitarian and Not Losing Sight of Your Dreams

Gauri Das: On Being a Possibilitarian and Not Losing Sight of Your Dreams

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Welcome to our section where we bring you stories and conversations with inspirational women who’ve changed lives and given back to the community. Gauri Das, HR Head at India Factoring And Finance Solutions has an experience of over 15 years in directing and aligning HR strategy with business goals.

Starting her career from Guwahati, Gauri has overcome many personal and professional obstacles. She has been recognised as HR 100 under 40, Top HR Mind (India) and LinkedIn person of the year 2020. She talks to us about her professional journey, the impact of the pandemic on the way we work, and the steps we can take to reduce gender inequality at the workplace.

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The Timeline:

1:06 – Transition from Engineering Background to Human Resources Professional

2:25 – The Changing Relationship Between Organizations and the Employees

“…a lot of change from employer-driven place to now all about employee experiences. As an employee, when I design something, it’s all about employee experience and employee engagement.”

3:45 – How Organizations Can Deal with Challenges of Pandemic

6:21 – After-Effects of Pandemic in the Work Space

9:02 – Creating Gender Equality

“…with those set of thoughts, women don’t negotiate, they don’t open up about their challenges and they don’t ask for help. So, women have to take these steps in the right direction and organizations have to support to achieve that gender equality.”

11:05 – Women Stepping-Up to Make Their Mark

13:29 – Self-Assessing Yourself

16:15 – Her Path of  Networking on LinkedIn

18:59 – Managing Work-Life Balance

22:10 – The Life-Changing Events

“…I studied in a vernacular medium school, in a small village in Madhya Pradesh. In the school I studied in, students from all the standards studied in one hall. When I went for engineering, my challenge was communication. I was good at academics but English was difficult for me. In college, we used to get English assignments for business communication every day and I went to my friend for help. She did help me one day but the second day, when I went to her for help, she refused. That is the kind of response you will get from people and you have to be ready to deal with it.”

“So, this is my message: Do not get bogged down by whatever challenges life throws at you, whatever your past has been, and whatever people say. You need to have focus and have this thought that ‘I am going to make a mark for myself’ and you must be able to do it with your discipline, passion and consistency.”

25:22 – Rapid Fire — Her Inspirations, Style Staples, & Message to the Audience

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