How To Maintain Your Cotton Clothes?

How To Maintain Your Cotton Clothes?

Can you choose one favourite cotton clothing from your wardrobe? You can’t? Well, we thought so! All our cotton clothes are precious to us. It is easy to fall in love with the fabric. The comfort, the breathability, the ease to move in it, the durability, and there are multiple benefits of this soft fabric. All of these reasons make it crucial to take care of your cotton garments and make them feel beautiful, always and forever.

Cotton Comfort

This multipurpose fabric is easy to take care of and there’s nothing that you can’t do to make sure your cotton garments are healthy and fresh all the time.

Here are five ways to make sure your cottons are feeling beautiful.

1. Read The Label

Did you know cotton comes in over 60 forms? With so much variety and versatility, you can’t maintain every cotton fabric in one way as each kind has its own texture. Starting from chambray, poplin, chino, crepe, terry, heather, lawn, mesh, oxford, the list is endless. For that reason, each product comes with wash care details. 

Before you put your garments to wash, make sure you look at the label and see if your cloth needs a machine or hand wash. Avoid fabric softener for cotton, as it can dull the finish you love.

2. Wash With Cold Water

Cold Water Wash

When we talk about 100% cotton, most manufacturers recommend washing your clothes in cold water with mild detergent. You must turn down the heat in your washing machine and let your cottons look gorgeous as always. When it comes to this fabric, especially delicate cotton clothes, it is preferred to wash them in cold water. Make sure you turn your clothes inside out for washing and ironing.

The fabric is prone to shrinking and hot water increases the chances of cutting down some inches around the waist. We are sure you can’t afford to lose your favourite garment just because you didn’t use the right water.

3. Dry It The Right Way

Air Dry Your Clothes

Whether you hand washed your clothes or used a machine, you will get the best results when you let them air dry. If you let your cotton clothes stay in a high temperature, there is a high probability that they would shrink and not fit for the occasion you were saving them for.

So, the next time you think of using a machine to dry your clothes, snap out, and put your clothes on a rack and let them dry in indirect sunlight. If you are worried about the shape of your garments, use hangers and your clothes will happily stay in shape.

4. Iron It Out

Iron Cotton Clothes

We know how people avoid wearing cottons just because it can be creased easily and needs high-temperature ironing. But when you come to think of it, that’s not a bad thing. Irrespective of the fabric, ironing your clothes gives them better structure and makes you look presentable.

The most classic pieces and our everyday staples come in cotton. So, when the fabric is slightly damp, iron your clothes at a high temperature. And if you still don’t want to skip the ironing, make sure you air dry your clothes.

5. Store It Correctly

Store Them The Right Way

Folding your cotton clothes and putting them on a flat surface always works well. Hanging them in a hanger can loosen the fit and the neckline of your garments, especially when they are knitted and woven. If you are obsessed with a wardrobe that has hanging clothes, put your hanger from the bottom. So that the neckline of the t-shirt or shirt is not overstretched and the shape of the garment remains intact.

Putting your clothes in direct sunshine can dull the colour of your clothes. Hence, take care of putting your clothes away from the sunshine. 

These are some ways to keep your cottons happily in love with you!