LivIn 2.0: Taking You From Handful To Hands-Free

LivIn 2.0: Taking You From Handful To Hands-Free

Did you love the feel of LivIn? We’re sure you did. And here we are with LivIn 2.0 – With double the functionality, we present you this collection, which is double of everything LivIn actually was.

As we head back to our offices, we need something in which we could head out to work in style and comfort. After all this while, getting out of lounge pants is not possible for us then why not make our office pants fit like our trousers and feel like pyjamas?

Understanding customers’ needs is part of our production process and we try to cater to all the needs. And several conversations with our customers gave us some insights; we figured out what women of today want.

Our Founder’s LinkedIn poll indicating an evident shift from formal pants

Super soft. Ultra-comfortable. Super stretch. High waist. Tummy tuck. Pull up pants. All of it along with usable pockets. Seems like a dream? Creating LivIn 2.0 has made this a reality for all of us. Our signature silhouettes have sleek, classic cuts and they are easy to dress up or down. With new additions to the LivIn family, we are ecstatic to be living in this new era of bottom wear. Are you ready for this better, softer, and more stretchable bottoms revolution?

But wait…

Going from handful to hands-free

We forgot to introduce the key feature of LivIn 2.0. If there was one thing that defines the whole range of pants in LivIn 2.0, it has to be the pockets. My bad, usable pockets. The pockets that are of actual use.

You ask for it and LivIn has it!

Pen pocket? Hah! You bet.

Phone pocket? We’ve got you covered.

Card pocket? That too.

Key pocket? Yes!

All our usable pockets

As the women of today, we are always on the go. Juggling between tasks is a routine and we have reached a point where we refuse to carry everything in our hands or fill our wardrobes with an endless supply of bags. That’s why our pants have usable pockets that we have been asking for. Hence, it is about going from ‘handful to hands-free’. Search for ACTUAL USABLE pockets in your pants ends here.

The latest collection of LivIn has new styles of 4 Way Stretch Pants and T-Shirts and they are perfect for your back-to-work days. Introducing to you, four flares of our pants, new and better.