Neha Rakheja: Power Dressing & The Importance of Tailored Fits

Neha Rakheja: Power Dressing & The Importance of Tailored Fits

Welcome to our section on Real Women—where we bring you stories of and conversations with real women who inspire us, who have changed lives and given back to the community. Today, I’m here with Neha Rakheja, Style Coach. Watch the fun & fruitful session on power dressing, the importance of tailored fits & colours and clothes being an expression of the self.

A few snippets from the live session here

Adarsh: Hi, Neha! How are you doing? Welcome to our session.
Neha: I’m good. How are you? I’m happy to be here!

Adarsh: To start off, what does power dressing actually mean?
Neha: Well, power is when you get something without asking or fighting for it, right? And dressing isn’t just clothing but is also an expression of who we are. As a style coach, I guide people to combine this inner power with their dressing. It’s all about knowing who you are & dressing accordingly for your position. I guide them in highlighting their key areas, making them confident & elevating their image.

Adarsh: That’s really great! So, what are the different elements of power dressing?
Neha: There are three elements to this. Knowing your size, the right fit & the right colour. Off-the-rack-styles are uniform, they follow the same pattern & cut. But all of us are different with different body types. Someone could have broad shoulders, they could be short or tall, you might have a heavy lower half, etc. We’re all built differently. So, when you go by the rack, make sure the styles fit you well or get them tailored to your body measurements. A well-fitted outfit not only looks good but also makes you feel comfortable & great about yourself. Which is where FableStreet comes in. Also, know your colours. Try different colours, see what looks good on you. You might have a favourite colour but which shade of your favourite colour looks good on you or lifts your whole look, is important. If you’re not sure about colours, invest in neutrals—white, black, grey & beige. These are timeless & easy to dress up or down.

Watch the full session here.