Nothing Else But A Perfect Fit: Why The Fit Of Your Clothes Is Non-Negotiable

Nothing Else But A Perfect Fit: Why The Fit Of Your Clothes Is Non-Negotiable

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Take away the following and watch perfection disappear from the most beautiful things known to us.

The notes from Mozart’s music.
The fragrance from a Sweet Pea flower.
The warmth from a cup of Ginger Tea.
The fit from your clothing.

How many of us relate to buying tops a size too big because the one smaller is so tight, that you feel trapped in a barbed wire when you put it on? Or finding a stunning pair of pants only to find out that they fit you like a dream from the waist but your legs look like they’re in a sack?

Unfortunately for a lot of us, our clothes have never fit us perfectly. Even more, unfortunately, we have taken this to be a ‘my body shape’ issue rather than a ‘this clothing size’ one. And how could you not when most brands out there create using the European size chart, which in no shape or size comes close to our ‘blessed with curves’ Indian bodies.

Not anymore. For us, and now for you too, a perfect fit is non-negotiable. Either your choice #FitsLikeNothingElse or it shouldn’t be your choice at all.
With attention to fitting details of the average Indian woman and smart functionality that suits their lifestyle needs, we create styles that are meant to fit you and not the other way round.

Here’s are some quick checks for a good fit:

The Squat Test

Squat the lowest you can and check if the clothing feels tight. If yes, that’s tight for you. While pockets may gape a little when you squat but must remain closed when you stand normally.

The 90 Degree Test

Bow and bend your back at a right angle (about 90 degrees). If you can see your cleavage, the fit around your bust is not right or your neckline cut is too deep.

The Leg-Up Test

While standing, put your leg up on a sofa/chair and try to do a crunch. If your seams seem strained, the bottoms are too tight for you.

The Stretch Test

Take a stretchable garment in your hand and pull on the fabric for half a second. If the fabric recovers quickly, the stretch is strong and will hold for a long time.

The Hems & Seams Test

Take a close look at the hems and seams while you’re wearing your garment. If they are aligned with your natural structure and don’t distort your posture, they’re good to go!

The Roll Test

If your clothing rolls up on your tummy or shifts up when you sit down, that fit is not right for you.

The Gape Test

If any buttoned top-wear gapes from the bust or tummy when you put both your hands on your waist and project forward, it is too tight for you.

Let’s show your closet who’s the real boss, no more settling for anything ill-fitting! In fact, let’s seal the deal by repeating these closet manifestations every chance you get:

My clothing makes me look chic.
My clothing is always comfortable.
My clothing flatters my shape.
My clothing shoots up my confidence.
My clothing #FitsLikeNothingElse

Have thoughts or closet manifestations of your own? Drop them in at @fable.street on Instagram with #FitsLikeNothingElse to get featured.
Watch this space for more details on what makes a good fit for your favourite styles. Until next time!