Protect Yourself & Your Community In Public With Sterilised Cotton Reusable Masks

Protect Yourself & Your Community In Public With Sterilised Cotton Reusable Masks

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It’s been six months of COVID-19 pandemic and as we continue to learn more about it, guidelines on how to combat it and protect oneself from the virus have only become stringent. But when it comes to hygiene, one thing that has been steadily established is the fact that how important masks have become. In parts across the country and the world, they have been made mandatory for patients, healthcare professionals and the general public for their protection and the protection of their community. Given the importance of masks and our intent to support the cause in every way, we at FableStreet have launched our own line of Sterilised Cotton Reusable Masks – to make sure that you stay safe and stylish.

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 Ethically made using natural, breathable, upcycled fabrics, the thickness and ply count of these masks is above 180 to ensure that they are safe to use. Other features include stylish prints, adjustable nose pins and comfortable ear loops for all-day comfort and maximum protection. Designed in compliance with government guidelines, these are sterilised, reusable and easy to breathe in. To further protect communities, we are also making them available in bulk for various organisations, corporates and Resident Welfare Associations.

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But face masks are only effective if they are handled, worn, stored and disposed of properly. Before putting on a face mask, it is vital to know the right way to use and re-use it. 

Before using reusable face masks, please remember:
1. Thoroughly wash and clean the face mask.
2.Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing the face mask.
3. As soon as the face mask becomes damp or humid, switch to another face mask and clean the used face mask.
4. Never reuse a face mask after a single use without cleaning it.
5. Never share the face mask with anyone. Every member of a family should have separate face masks.

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When removing the face mask:
1. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
2. Hold both of the ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask.
3. After removal, immediately clean your hands with 65% alcohol-based hand sanitizer or with soap and water for 40 seconds.
4. Drop the mask directly into a soap solution or boiling water to which salt has been added.

How to store your clean face mask:
1. Take any plastic bag & clean it thoroughly with soap and water.
2. Let it dry well on both sides
3. Keep your clean face mask in this clean bag
4. Keep it sealed well.


Stay safe, protect yourself and your community in public with sterilised cotton reusable masks. Email for bulk orders.
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