Rashi Narang: Aspiring To Reach Every Pet Parent

Rashi Narang: Aspiring To Reach Every Pet Parent

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Today, we have with us Rashi Narang, Founder of Heads Up for Tails. She lets us in on her beautiful journey, which she was inspired to choose because of her family member, Sara, who in her words is “a very very very special puppy”. Rashi talks to us about building a market that didn’t exist before and how she persevered despite several rejections. She also shares how pandemic has played a crucial role in her personal and professional life.

The conversation gave us something to ponder upon the things we offer to our pets. Dive in to know more about the 13-year long journey of this business that started out of pure emotions.

Watch the full discussion below or listen to the podcast here.


Timeline of the Video

0:41 – Idea behind Heads Up for Tails

1:46 – Building a Market from Scratch

4:31 – Values She Looks for while Building the Team

6:49 – Distinctive Approach towards Fundraising

8:44 – Effect of Pandemic on Heads Up for Tails

10:17 – Fetching extra family time during the pandemic 

12:11 – Choosing to Listen to the Right People

 “…there will always be two sides. Lots of people said, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Who is going to buy this?’ ‘Are you crazy?’ But I am glad I chose not to listen to them. They surely put a lot of seeds of doubt into your head, but I think if you can just listen to your heart, then you will hopefully make the right decision.”

13:09 – Dealing with Rejection

14:41 – Perseverance is the Key

15:43 – The Steep Learning Curve

“…I barely had any work experience. It’s been a very steep learning curve for me – learning every day, making mistakes, which I am grateful for. That’s the only way to learn. I think the more you fail, the more you are innovating. So, for me it’s about, ‘Am I failing enough?’ and if I am not, that means I am trying to be too safe.”

A lot of decisions had to be taken based on gut. Because there was no business plan or report. There was nothing to substantiate what I was thinking or what I wanted to do. So, some things went right, and some things didn’t.”

16:53 – Aspiring To Reach Every Pet Parent

17:44 – Taking Time for Self

19:40 – Life Altering Moment

“…the way she shifted the journey for me, to learn so much more and to be able to make a larger change. It was that moment when she came into my life and changed the path. This is who I am; this is who I have always been. I was an entrepreneur and deeply connected animal person, ever since I was little. She brought all those elements together.”

21:00 – Rapid Fire Round

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