Ritika Mittal: Rejuvenating & Promoting Regional Weaves

Ritika Mittal: Rejuvenating & Promoting Regional Weaves

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Welcome to our section on Real Women – where we bring you stories of and conversations with real women who inspire us, who have changed lives and given back to the community. Our guest for today is Ritika Mittal, Founder & Designer at MORA. The brand interprets weaves of various indigenous tribes into bespoke designed textiles, to sustain artisan community projects primarily in Northeast India. Watch the fun and insightful discussion on sustainability, celebrating the lives of artisans and having the view of the Himalayas from her work desk.

A few snippets from the discussion here

Adarsh: What inspired you to start MORA?
Ritika: I was living in Bombay and the city was a beautiful experience! But I needed something more (creatively), which took me to the Northeast & then the Himalayas. I was able to connect with indigenous communities and understand life & humanity through them gave me the purpose to do what I’m doing now.

Adarsh: How do we make sustainable clothing more accessible?
Ritika: “Sustainability” has been such an overused word! Sustainability of the heart, asking the right questions and intention is important. When we think of conscious clothing, we think a 360° cycle, from the maker to the consumer. A thinking consumer will consider the status of the artisans who perhaps is a “victim” and would wish to support them. But from my experience, I’ve realised that the “victim” is actually the thinking consumer in this system of capitalism. Thinking consumers have to go through doubt & guilt as they’re unaware of what they’re buying and are forced to buy from whatever little knowledge they are left with. For me, the idea of sustainability lies in empowering consumers, which empowers artisans by default and makes the whole system sustainable.

Watch the full session here.