Sangita Chima On Being A School Leader After 19 Male Predecessors

Sangita Chima On Being A School Leader After 19 Male Predecessors

Welcome to our section, FSChangemakers, where we bring you stories and conversations of inspirational women. These women have changed lives and given back to the community in their own way. Every day, they stand up and push through challenges to imagine and create a better future. Today, Sangita Chima, Principal, Amity School, Dubai shares her story.

In 31 years of her career, Sangita Chima, Principal, Amity School, Dubai has witnessed tectonic shifts in the educational ecosystem. She has been a school leader for the last 20 years for renowned institutions.

Sangita has been a school teacher all her life and she believes that she is on a journey of adapting and learning. For the same reason, she considers herself a learner. She talks to us about why she became a teacher, her significant achievements in Lawrence School, the impact of COVID-19 on the education ecosystem and a lot more.



Timeline Of The Video

0:00 – Introduction

1:37 – Who is Sangita Chima?

2:16 – Teaching: The best profession

2:57 – Transforming of vision for educational institutes

“I have been fortunate that every single day brings in a vision that has to be implemented. So, I have to have evidence of transforming that vision into reality. That’s the main purpose of a school leader and you have got to do it authentically. It doesn’t come with any compromise of dilution. A tectonic shift that I believe in is that we are no more teaching; we are learning and it’s the learners that we address.”

4:15 – Experience of being the first female headmistress at Lawrence School, Lovedale

“The school has a history of more than 162 years and you carry the legacy with you. As a lady, I did have challenges, which I wouldn’t say were barriers but I found them very interesting and I enjoyed overcoming them.”

6:08 – Significant changes as the first female headmistress

“Lawrence was waiting for a change in every aspect of schooling. Lawrence School, Lovedale is a community that had support staff numbering 225 at that time. We had everyone living on campus. It was a stand-alone school in a village. So, we are everything to everyone.”

8:52 – Difference between leading Indian schooling system and Dubai’s

11:26 – Biggest challenges in managing school during COVID-19

14:43 – Her definition of power dressing through a saree

“I kind of did a revision to usual saree draping and always wore a coat along with it. It felt so good and absolutely comfortable. I felt that this is going to be a gender issue also. You look at a woman very differently when she wears a saree, carries it well and expresses herself using what she is comfortable in, in terms of her appearance.”

17:28 – Rapid Fire

18:01 – 3 Indian women you look up to

18:49 – 5 wardrobe staples

20:00 – Any message for our listeners