Stay In Edit: Team FS Feel-Good Playlist

Stay In Edit: Team FS Feel-Good Playlist

Do you remember the old days of mixed tapes? On one of our bad days, we’d just put that tape on, and our day would take de-route in a matter of a few minutes. Well, those were the golden days, and we all miss them dearly.

But right now, we are in the days of the playlist, and it practically does the same job. Music has always been an escape for us, and we need that mental escape right now, escape to the good old days. One good song and it makes everything feel good, or at least it does calm us down.

‘Good vibes’ has always been a mood, and we are listening to our playlists to feel a little better in the lockdown days. We as a team shared our favourite songs among us, and we are obsessed with all of them. Our team gave little pieces of their hearts by sharing their songs and we thought of putting them together. You can piece our team together by listening to all the songs in our Stay In Edit playlist.

Here is our playlist for you!

My Everything, 98 Degrees

“When you start losing hope, this song will be there to remind you of your loved ones and fill your heart with love.” – Jyoti Anand

Supna, Amrinder Gill

“If you listen to the lyrics, you will know it’s a sad song about lost love. But on the other hand,  the melody and the way it has been sung, it has such a feel-good factor to it. I feel calm & happy & sad, all at once, every time I listen to it.” – Adarsh Sharma

Ahista, Pankaj Udhas

“Don’t believe in romance in the modern era of dating? This song will take you back to the old days of meet-cute.” – Ashish Choudhary

Gazab Ka Hai Din, Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan

“It brings back memories of fun and love; from the teenage days!” – Ayushi Gudwani

Astronomia, Vicetone & Tony Igy 

“We all need to get rid of work stress. Whenever I hit the road after work, this song helps me groove. It’s a real stress buster for me and it helps me move my body in excitement.” – Saurabh Kalra

Courage To Change, Sia

“Okay, if I’m being honest, any Sia song puts me in a good mood. But there’s something about this recent number that has me in an ‘everything is good’ mood.” – Akanksha Sinha

Ashes, Above and Beyond

“If you are not sure on how to unwind amidst this anxious time, put on this song and let your nerves relax.” – Mahak Khanna

Sham, Amit Trivedi

“Who doesn’t want to feel how a sunset feels like? This song describes a beautiful evening, perfectly. And that is exactly what I needed in the lockdown.” – Latika Kapoor

Happier, Marshmello

“For when I am feeling blue, this song just infuses joy in my day.” – Radhika Singhal

Lukka Chupi, A.R. Rahman

“A song from a mother can never fail to make you feel good.” – Vishal Mehta

Shayad, Arijit Singh

“It reminds me of times when I am filled with thoughts and don’t know how to let it out. This song takes away all of it. It soothes me, lightens my heart and makes me believe in hope” – Poornima Yadav

Chidiya, Vilen

This gem needed to be on our team list. The vocals and lyrics hit us right where it hurts.” – Himani Singhwal

Runaway, Aurora

Don’t we all get hooked to the songs on reels? This one is that magical song. I play it on repeat and now ‘everybody knows’ how good it makes me feel. – Sakshi Bansal

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Papon

“For a mushball like me, this song is all that I needed to feel good.” – Chander Prakash Negi

Baarishein, Anuv Jain

“If my soul had to relate to a song, Baarishein would be it. From making me fall in love with the lyrics to being my lockdown song, it has done it all for me.” – Riya Goyal

Teri Mitti, Parineeti Chopra

“I might not be the most patriotic person here but this song gives me chills and I can’t help it.” – Laxmi Kant

Roslyn , Bon Iver & St. Vincent

“For me, if a song had to define the term ‘feel good’, this song does exactly that. After all, everything that came from Twilight made us feel that way, didn’t it? – Ojaswi Raman

Khalibali, Shivam Pathak

“I can relate to this song on all levels. From being the song for all my house parties to the perfect dance moves, this one will always be on my playlist.” – Navin Kumar Gupta

Firestone, Kygo

“The happy vibe of the song takes me to cloud nine – as the name of the album. The moment the beat drops, my heart drops too and I can’t stop gushing about this number.” – Shubhangi Singh

Yaad, Romey Gill

“The Punjabi-ness inside me spills out when this song plays. I am obsessed with everything this song conveys.” – Priyanka Marwah

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

“This song has been through every emotion I felt through the lockdown. From the happy days to the sad moments, this song was like a hug to me.” – Milan Soni

Buttaboma, Hem Chandra

“Are you a person who remains to be on a high of life? Buttaboma will rush your adrenal and take you on that high you want to feel.” – Shivam Kumar Nayak

Fix You, Coldplay

“This one is close to my heart, and this song does exactly what it says – it fixes me.” – Shreya Gulati

Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein, Dominique Cerejo 

“For me, this song makes me realise that you can have new conversations from the existing ones and how one is touched by conversations and people. It conveys conversation, its continuation, and my relationships. Last year, I used this song for a leadership academy. I made beautiful bonds there and this was an ode to all my co-facilitators from me.” – Sarika Grover

Sit Still, Look Pretty, Daya

“This song makes me feel everything a girl would want to achieve. Starting from breaking all barriers to just being unapologetically yourself.”  – Anika Bansal

Photograph, Ed Sheeran

“Loving can hurt but not this song. It’s a song that is full up to the brim with love and a lot of memories.” – Priyanka Ghosh

Koi Ladki Hai, Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan

“What is the best way to deal with negativity? Just shake it off with this song and you will instantly be in your happy zone.” – Pooja Gusain

Dasi Na Mere Bare, Goldy

“The song has made me feel calm on the anxious days.” – Anand Soni

Which of these songs are your feel-good songs? Tell us your go-to songs!