Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder of CashKaro & EarnKaro

Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder of CashKaro & EarnKaro

Welcome to our section on Real Women—where we bring you stories of and conversations with real women who inspire us, who have changed lives and given back to the community. Today, I’m super-thrilled to speak to one such incredible businesswoman, Swati Bhargava—Co-founder of CashKaro & EarnKaro. Watch the fun conversation on entrepreneurship, adapting to the new normal & running a business with her husband.

Watch the full discussion below or listen to the podcast here.

A few snippets from the discussion here


Ayushi: So, how did CashKaro happen?
Swati: I got a scholarship to the London School of Economics (after my 12th), where I studied mathematics & economics post which I got into investment banking at Goldman & Sachs. That’s when I met Rohan, my husband, who was working in a hedge fund. So, we were both working in finance. And you know how the working hours are. We found out about a cashback site in the UK and started using it. We thought that others should also know about such sites, especially in India where people love saving money. That’s how CashKaro came into existence.

Ayushi: That’s fantastic! What do you the future holds for you & your brand?
Swati: I think 2021 is going to be a good year, business-wise. As a company, we feel much more put-together than we did 3 years ago. Our aim is to grow bigger as a brand. Personally speaking, I want to keep evolving & building this “by chance” part that I’ve got on! At the same time, I want to continue on business because I’m an entrepreneur & that’s been my calling. Being on Instagram & fashion happen as a break and it also helps in my branding as well as CashKaro’s branding. I don’t want to become a full-time influencer but I try to marry both these concepts.

Ayushi: Amazing! Also, you started this business with your husband. How does such a partnership work?
Swati: Honestly, it’s worked out very well! We complement each other & bring different skills to the table. I’m on the PR & brand side while Rohan is more product & tech. Being a couple entrepreneur means that your level of trust with each other is very high & you don’t have to think twice before discussing anything. That has been the best part!

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