The Art of Staying In

The Art of Staying In

It has been more than a year into the pandemic and if you are feeling monotonous or restless, you are not alone. But this does not have to be the case. There are ways to make staying home special, relaxing and transformational. Read on for a few pointers.


Not looking forward to another day spent sitting on your work desk? We recommend that you rise, shine and start your day with some stretches. These help you relax, help your posture and let you feel productive as you take on another workday.

What to wear to stretch: 4 Way Stretch Cropped LivIn Pants – Pink


As they say: Everything good is made up of sweet things. Who are we to argue with such profound wisdom, right? We suggest that you take a break from work and have some donuts for instant stress relief. And let nobody tell you otherwise.

What to wear to eat: Cotton Round Neck Knitted Shift Dress – Aqua


That book that you got on a whim a year ago? Or the one you have wishlisted for a long time now? Or is the one that has been lying on your table forever? Now would be a good time to get it and start reading it (and then tell your friends about it).

What to wear to read: Cotton Round Neck Knitted T Shirt – Yellow + Cotton Above Knee Shorts – White


We all have friends or loved ones whom we haven’t been able to see, owing to the current situation. But till the time we are able to see them, here’s a fun and relaxing way to reconnect: Host a virtual dance session and let your hair down!

What to wear to dance: Cotton Round Neck Knitted Shift Dress – Yellow


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