To Pocket Or Not To Pocket?

To Pocket Or Not To Pocket?

Fashion, in a true sense, is supposed to be all about you – How do you relate to clothes and how do they make you feel. But it is somehow considered to be restrictive. Fashion at FS is functional, comfortable, and timeless. Pockets in our outfit is proof of that statement. They make our lives so much easier and comfortable. Women may look complacent all the time, but inside, we are all upset with the negligible pockets that carry next to nothing. We have to carry a bag to put all things in, and we are done with this marketing move. We deserve pockets, and that’s where the conversation ends.

To pocket or not to pocket, it’s a long due question and FableStreet is in support of the current need. For this reason, most of our clothing has what all women want: POCKETS! Don’t believe us? Well, scroll down your way to see how amazingly we have worked on our pockets in our pastel collections – colours ideal for monsoons. (wink wink)

Comfortable T-shirts

We know you think that these pockets are redundant but if you are a true functional person, you will know how to use them. Placing your spectacles or shades in it is one such way to use these pockets. These relaxed t-shirts are not just about comfort but also about functionality that we crave. Whether it is the light green crew neck t-shirt or pink or lilac round neck t-shirt, all of them have a breast pocket. 

Made of Viscose Lycra, these t-shirts are stretchable and make your outfits more summer-friendly too.

Relaxed Trousers


Yes, we know trousers have pockets. But have you ever noticed the negligible depth of them? We’d like to tell you how upsetting it is and we aren’t impressed with the fake stitch. Our lives were difficult already, and these smaller pockets made it more miserable. We couldn’t take it anymore and decided to make pants that make us love our clothes unconditionally.

Along with breathable and comfort factors, these pastel pieces have DEEP POCKETS. How amazing is that? We can put our phone, mask, sanitiser and all that we need in these. Our wide-legged pants, straight trousers and culottes, every piece is complete just because of the addition of deep pockets.

Breathable Dresses


Every woman deserves to have dresses that have pockets and her wardrobe should be full of such precious pieces. Rather than diving deep into your bag to find what you need, you can have it all at ease if your dresses have pockets, and these dresses will bring that ease to your life. 

These dresses come in our favourite fabric and the one our skin loves the most – Cotton. These pastel dresses are exactly what we need this monsoon – Light pink, yellow and aqua dresses are currently our ideal choices. These one-piece wonders are perfect for holding on to our pens and scrunchies that we keep losing throughout the day. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Timeless Blazers

It’s a big misconception that blazers are just for the winters. If acing the fashion game is your thing then, you must know how to make a summer blazer work too. And do you know the best part? These blazers have what we crave in all our summer outfits, several pockets! 

Irrespective of our sizes and body shapes, blazers can make us look sharp. From our Livin blazers to Colour Crush summer jackets, we take our summer outfits and pockets more seriously than we take our lives. Also, these jackets might help you pose well when you are clueless about what to do with your hands while clicking pictures.

Work-Ready Shorts

When we talk about summer outfits, a pair of shorts is the ultimate go-to bottom wear. The part that makes shorts more irresistible is the pockets. Also, we have had enough denim shorts, it’s time to add pastel colours to our wardrobe to make our monsoons happier.

These shorts have made our lives so much easier, and now they are even part of our new work dress code. Whether it is the pleated lilac shorts or blue and sap green slim-fit shorts, the pockets are an integral part that we can’t live without. 

So, you can either choose an outfit that depicts your style or get something that is all about your style and pockets! What would be your choice?