Types of People In A Virtual Meeting

Types of People In A Virtual Meeting

We have been living in the “Am I audible?” era from last year. Now that we can’t meet people in real life, the only possibility of meeting these people is through the tiny boxes on our laptop – our little social gatherings.

These small appearances on our screen have given us many fun incidents to talk about. Every day, there’s a meme trending on social media that talks about mishaps of Zoom or Meet calls. From someone showing up in boxers to the person forgetting to mute during their personal conversations, we have seen it all in the past year.

And now that most of us are back in the work from home scenario from last month, we thought of talking about the people who have made our virtual meeting setup interesting. We can assure you, these versions on screens are far more entertaining than the ones we met in the office.


The Fun One

She is everyone’s favourite.

You want a meme?
Too bored to attend a meeting?
You are stressed about something at work?

Just add her to a meeting, and she will make your life easier. She will have ideas to make your weekend meetings interesting and find humour in every tough situation at work. If it were not for her, our town-hall meetings would be dull and exasperating. We all love her, and it is difficult to imagine our virtual meetings without her.

The Confused One

Do you know that person who goes around with a diary and pen? Yes, that person who makes endless notes, but will never find the required information, especially, when needed. With thousands of questions, this person is always confused. If you see someone obstructing the flow of a meeting to clear her doubts, then you know who the confused person in your team is.

And, if someday, miraculously, she chooses not to butt in the conversation, the confused face will say it all.

The Self Obsessed One

Haven’t we all met this person? The one looking at themselves, no matter what the agenda of the meeting is.

Is someone presenting the screen?
Missed the deadline?
Is the work faulty?

To this person, none of that is important, not more than how she looks. In fact, it’s not just limited to Zoom meetings. Zoom dinner, Zoom date, or even Zoom weddings, there is one person who can’t stop looking at herself. Irrespective of how many people are there on the call, she considers the zoom camera to be her mirror. And the rest of the people can do nothing about it but have a laugh about it, once she has left the meeting.

The Bossy One

A critic, work delegator, and someone who talks over you – we have all been under the radar of this person who loves to boss around. Their love for bossing around is not just limited to the virtual meetings they are attending in the moment. The taskmaster wouldn’t bother if she is in a meeting, she will pick up other calls as well and give orders to other people.

And, the part that makes her interesting is that she is not the boss but a co-worker who thinks of herself as the boss.

The Flaunting One

You can see her complaining about her next-to-flawless skin just to get compliments. She is the one sending pictures of her new jewellery, new clothes, or even a new partner, as soon as she gets them and wears them the next day for the meeting. She just wants to brag about it all.

Some of us are just envious of how she manages to pamper herself. She is a true believer of “You got it, you flaunt it”.

The Distracted One

She is zoned out or probably sleeping when you see her camera off. Because she switches on her camera just to have conversations that don’t revolve around work. She somehow manages to be distracted and distract other people as well.

Do you have any questions not related to work? This person will have all your answers. From the next binge-worthy show to gossiping about one of the co-workers (the one who’s not in the meeting), she can do it all.

Which one of these people in your virtual meetings do you find most exciting? We’d love to know your thoughts.


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