Values That Keep Team FableStreet Together

Values That Keep Team FableStreet Together

Every company is a coming together of people from different backgrounds and different skills sets. While it’s important for any organization to be open to different types of people and to bring in a diversity of views and complementary skill sets, there’s one thing that’s even more important — to have a set of non-negotiables (values) for every person in the company to imbibe. These values make these individuals with different skill sets come together and help the company move forward in one direction.

At FableStreet, we too have a set of values that every person in the company has to live by. But these organisational values aren’t just critical for people who are already in the company, they play a critical role in hiring new team members as well. For us, checking for values becomes important to hire people who are the right cultural fit, and for prospective employees – knowing who we are, helps in deciding whether we are the right fit for them.

So, what are our values?

Get Things Done

Hustle is a much-abused word in startups, but the fact is you can’t achieve fast growth if you are not moving fast in everything you do. Hustle, mixed with taking ownership of all tasks given to you, and nothing can stop you. They say the speed of execution is the biggest weapon a startup has over a big company. The only way to achieve speed is by getting things done.

Strive for the Best

There is no room for mediocrity at FableStreet. Anyone who is joining us or planning to join us needs to know that they have signed up to be the best at everything they do. Settling for an OK result is not an option, despite the challenges. This means we need to always be looking for solutions instead of being burdened by hard problems.

Trust & Care

When we expect our teammates to take complete ownership of the work given to them, we also trust them to put in their best foot forward instead of judging them on every step of the way. Being a team, we expect everyone to be respectful towards one another. And we keep an arm’s distance with anyone who doesn’t align with this.

Be Good

It might not be like hygiene, but the amount of people one meets these days who think it’s cool not to show up on time is mind-boggling. We are all responsible people here and take respecting others’ time very seriously, and not the right place for those who don’t come from the same school of thought. The goodness extends to the smallest of things e.g. keep your work desk clean, don’t waste paper etc.


We are young, we are moving fast and we are learning new things every day. If there is one thing a startup gives you is tonnes of problems no one has solved in the past. Getting perturbed by realignment or changes in goalposts or uncertainty of outcomes is something we can’t afford. 

We are Equals

At FS, we don’t care who you are — Your gender, sexual orientation, family background are all irrelevant. Here, this goes a step further as designations and hierarchy are just a way to organise the teams. We welcome everyone to step up and share their opinions on anything which can move the company forward. Yes, you will have your role and you will play that role but when not doing “your role” we are all equals.

Better Together

No team in FableStreet works in a silo. Marketing gives product inputs, the product team works with production, and production and operations go hand in hand. In such a working environment, if anyone is thinking about what is optimum for them or their team; chances are we’ll end up making sub-optimal decisions for the company. We are ‘Better Together’ and the company always comes first.